A New Thing

I’ve missed blogging. Blogging has always been an art of sorts to me. Writing makes me tick.

No, it doesn’t always come out right, but I still love to write. I especially love it when my fingers hardly touch the keys, because God seems to be writing for me. Those moments are precious.

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, and I’m a lot different. In a lot of ways. It felt impossible to pick up where I last left off.

Then I realized…I don’t have to pick up where I left off. Life is a journey. I went through a valley…a time when words would have done nothing to help me or you in our different journeys. God’s been faithfully showing me that it’s ok. I don’t have to feel pressured or obligated to be the same.

It’s a new day. It’s a beautiful day. His mercies are new every morning. I’m going to bask in His goodness and faithfulness. This place…this blog- It’s a new thing. I’m grateful. A new site and a new name. That makes me smile.

I feel like Abraham. When God called Abram, he changed His name to “Abraham,” which means, “father of nations.” God might not have changed my name to mean “father of nations,” 🙂 but it’s a beautiful reminder of grace and new beginnings.

Seasons past may not be bad.

But we can’t stay there. God leads you through life, faithfully showing you where to step. But we have to step!

When you reach a new season, you may gladly run foward, reaching eagerly for new mercies, anticipating the beginning of fresh chapters. God may even change your name to set in your heart the new thing He is doing.

“ChasingHisglory” was good. I learned a lot in that season. But that season ended.

“Wildheartalive” speaks to me of freshness, beauty, and an awakened heart to the Father. To the romance. He is reviving dry bones and bursting through gates that have been locked in tradition for centuries. He is breaking chains and breathing life into places that you had perceived to be extinct. This is now. I’m going to live in it.


And he who was seated on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” Also he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.”

Revelation 21:5

Whatever your journey is, know that it’s not over yet. Know that what the Lord started in you, He will accomplish. He will provide. His favor is on you. You cannot earn it. You already have it.

I believe for you in the goodness promised to you.


Praying happy moments to grace your days. 🙂


One thought on “A New Thing

  1. Bren, my heart truly resonates with this. I’ve been thinking these same, same thoughts the last while. 🙂 I think we have a same Abba Daddy. 🙂


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