The Fruits of Your Obedience Belong to God


You are not responsible for the seeds you plant.

Water them if He says to water them. Till the soil if He says to till the soil. Pull the weeds about the seeds if he says to pull the weeds.

But if He is silent, go to Him, and don’t look back. Don’t move before He tells you. Let Him water. Let him make earth green and plentiful.

It is not profitable for a sower to unearth planted seeds to check on their progress. A plant could never be birthed out of a seed if it was not left to die.  A seed cannot die until we pry off our fingers and release it to the ground. New life comes after death.

Let go.


God has not put you responsible of making sure healthy fruit grows from the seeds. You are not responsible to look after your reputation.

Everyone is watching…questioning the motive of your sowing hands, scoffing at the weeds surrounding the plot of ground. Yet, the Savior holds you close as you run to Him when your heart is misunderstood. He gives you peace. He gives you assurance that treasure in heaven is better than gold medals acquired on earth.

Never look back when you show the love of Jesus. You may never know what plant grows from the seeds you planted.


Don’t allow Satan to put blame on your shoulders for a seed that has never come through the soil and seems to have retreated into death permanently.

Don’t let your heart be troubled. Believe in God. Your only responsibility is to Him, and He is your covering.

Some plants don’t poke their green sprouts through the soil for years. Some come up swiftly, but are immediately surrounded with thorns. Don’t panic.

Believe in God.

The result of your obedience is in His hands.

Never stop loving, but always love Him more than you love sowing. Love HIM with all your heart, and never let your heart grow cold to His embrace.

“It’s not up to you to make fruit grow. Plant the seeds and rest, even when thorns infest the ground.”

That’s what I’ve been hearing all evening. Maybe someone else needs to hear it too. Don’t be discouraged. God believes in you. His word never changes. He always keeps His promises.

If you were to never see the fruit of your labors on this earth, would you continue loving and giving?

The victory is already won. Keep shouting His name in all the earth!

© Brenda Bender


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