Porn [PART 2] Sexuality: the Human Identity Crisis- finding answers at the core

“’The fact that porn sends out a message that the only type of sex that’s hot is unsafe … we think that’s detrimental,’ said Michael Weinstein, president of the Los Angeles-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation.”

The porn industry is a billion dollar industry.  It grosses up to 13 billion dollars every year. It’s up there next to the music industry. That’s staggering. 

Although the pornography business is more successful than ever in 2012, there have been some significant changes made to the health requirements on the porn set. Earlier this year, performers were required by law to use condoms. Many porn producers threatened to leave LA over the new condom law. (LA has been the comfy home of pornography for many years.) They argue that no consumers want to see a condom enter the picture of their fantasies. Everything raw. Hard core. Rough.

The condom law is a huge step in the right direction. Women and men are still being destroyed by the power of the porn industry, but it’s a right step towards a safer working environment, if the porn industry insists on calling it a legal workplace.

The porn industry is so far from reality it’s pathetic. The movies made are based on consumer demand, which is increasingly more violent, more unrealistic, and more abusive.

In my mind, there are two kinds of sex. Sex as a gift that glorifies God and sex that is worshiped as god.  Immorality has been around for a long time, but modern day pornography clearly has Satan on the throne, drawing people into worship of their fantasies, worship of their pleasure, worship of the sex they create, and worship of themselves.

I can’t for the life of me remember where I saw this picture…maybe I had a dream about it. But I want to share it to explain to you why I believe our sexuality is at the core of our identity. And it’s for that very reason Satan has American Christians in his grip.

The pure, righteous, loving God and King sits on the thrown. He may have apostles and children around him worshiping Him in unity and purity.There may be lovely angels dancing around his seat. This is the picture of Gods kingdom.

Well Satan thinks he’s a king too. He’s the commander of the kingdom of darkness. In this picture, Satan sat on his throne sneering in disgusting pleasure. I can’t remember what all disgusting details were going on. Maybe women were pleasuring him…maybe men. I can’t remember. But I do remember that instead of pure angels worshiping  there were demonic figures disguised as sexy, slutty, extremely provocative women. Basically, it looked as if Satan’s angel’s were porn stars and immorality was his home. He was comfortable there.

I don’t say that to scare anyone about all the freaky powers of darkness. We have enough scared people already in this world. I just shared that picture with you to help you see how our sexuality is at the very core of our identity, and that is how Satan is destroying the church. If he has our sexual identity in his control, he can control us in every area.

How can we be alive to Christ when Satan has made our sexuality our god without us even realizing it.

Sex is not our right. It is a gift given BY God. Our sexuality does not need to control us. It is a gift. Not a slave master. If you are being controlled, Satan is driving you with a whip. 

Satan makes us puppets. He laughs, “No, you are worthless. You can’t do anything for God because you still watch porn. Remember?”

But then…We hear the soft  voice of Jesus, whispering His love for us and calling us to come to His arms….But no, we can’t serve God. We are still serving Satan. So we hang our heads, keep up appearances, continue going to church every Sunday, but struggle with suicidal thoughts during the week. This is a sad reality of many, many people.

As long as Satan can keep us dancing on that puppet string, he can keep men passive, afraid, and controlled. He steals a man’s lion roar. God gave him that roar. Satan can steal if you let him, but God can always restore what was stolen!


Satan is around only to steal, kill, and destroy what God has already made. He can create nothing new. He can only work with what is already in existence. 

You are made in God’s image. The only thing Satan can do is try to steal your identity in Christ, kill the life of God in you, distort the image you are made in, and ultimately destroy hope of a future in the body of Christ by making you a slave.

You are made for greater things. You are made for joy, laughter, beauty, and love. Jesus is King, and He is the Creator of life. He pours life out freely. He will take back what’s been stolen and restore the brokenness 

If you are reading this and are being accused by the enemy right now, please take a moment to close your eyes and ask God to love you. His favor is on you, and you are deeply loved. There is hope and an answer to your heart’s cry. There is no shame and condemnation on this blog. If you are struggling, you are welcome to be here. You are accepted unconditionally.

More on that in Part 3.

This is the end of PART 2. Part 1 was focused on the negative effects of porn on our culture. Part two focused on the identity crisis of our sexuality and the motive of Satin in controlling us sexually.

Part 3 coming soon.


© Brenda Bender


One thought on “Porn [PART 2] Sexuality: the Human Identity Crisis- finding answers at the core

  1. This is amazing, Brenda!! Thanks for writing it. It blesses my heart when people take a stand against the devil, for truth. Jesus will Reign!!


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