My Gift Catalog- Give back this Christmas!

My Gift Catalog- Give back this Christmas!

Christmas is almost here. The time of year where people get excited about buying and receiving gifts, eating yummy treats, and enjoying time with those we love the most. I love the crispness of the air, the sound of Christmas carols and jolly tunes, the bustle of friendly Christmas shoppers, and especially the excitement of going back home to be with my family for Christmas. (When I say we’re excited, we are excited. We mention it at least every few days. 🙂 )

Anyways. While I realize that these things are not wrong, the world is indeed a lot bigger than Christmas wrapping and yummy treats and even my own husband and extended family.There is a whole world of people outside my personal little space.

All over the world, there are needs besides my own. While we sit gorging ourselves on food and overspending for the holidays, children have no clean drinking water, girls are sold as sex slaves, and parents have no money to provide food for their families. 

Recently I asked God for an opportunity to give. He knows my own needs, my capabilities, and desires. I asked Him for a way that I could make a difference even if I don’t have a lot of money to spare. 

Hungry for a way to give, even if only a little, I donated money towards a friend’s online Christmas fundraising catalog. A day after giving, I opened up my own fundraising page.

There were no fireworks. I felt silly and ridiculous. It made me angry. I struggled an entire day and into the next week with condemnation, depression, and guilt…over everything. I was so burdened to make a difference, yet I felt so stuck in a bog of lies that it felt impossible to walk out in the desire and faith God put in my heart. It was like Satan was so bent on convincing me that I couldn’t make a difference, my gift was puny, and it was silly to continue pursuing my desires for ministry. 

My husband was a huge support and spiritual leader when I was pathetically weak mentally. He prayed over me, spoke life to me, and challenged me. I was in a really low place. 

Although Satan tormented me with lies and indifference for a few days, I can gladly say, God is always the winner. The condemnation is gone, and I am convinced  that God is faithful.

That’s a little background story of this Christmas vision of mine. 

Drum roll….. 🙂

I partnered with World Vision to be a part of their Christmas giving event. I have my own fundraising page. (The link is at the beginning of this post.) I set a goal of $1000 to start off my gift catalog.

 If you want an opportunity to spend a little less on yourself and spend a little more giving hope to families around the world this Christmas, here is your chance.

You can choose to give any way you want. You can give $100 to fund a school to give kids a healthy and safe learning environment where they otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity. $50 will give safety to a formerly exploited child. Give $25 to buy two chickens to provide nutrition for those who need it. $35 provides $385 worth of medicine. $35 will also bring hope to sexually exploited girls and women, which is how I chose to give.

Browse through the gift options, and ask God where He wants you to give. After you choose your gift, you’ll simply need to fill out your name, payment information, etc. It’s that simple! Also, if you simply want to give a donation without choosing a gift option, hit the “donate now” button to the right of the page. 

Don’t give because you feel guilty. I would hate for anyone to give out of religious obligation. Give because you care. Give because you are the hands of Jesus. Give when God lays it on your heart. Give the amount God lays on your heart. Be inspired by the greatest Giver. Share your blessings this Christmas!

No gift is too small. I believe my $35 will make a difference. Your gift will too. Thank you!

The link at the beginning of this post will take you to my page.


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