(Happy Birthday to me) Giving Gifts for Jesus’ Birthday


Yay, Christmas is getting closer! I love this time of year. In the summer time, I may strongly proclaim that I hate winter, but I forget that I do love Christmas. 🙂

Winter means more snuggle time, cozy sweaters, warm coats, gloves, and boots, hot chocolate…

Winter gives me a reason to enjoy hot food more. It helps me realize what an enormous blessing a warm house is. Clothes. Blankets. A comfortable bed.

Winter gives me a reason to slow down and think. It gives me more time to write.


Although I’m not a fan of the long winter months, there are so many happy things about this time of year. There is always a reason to be thankful… Always a reason to love God. [In every season.]

This time of year is also bringing out the child in me. The amount of exciting things in my life at the moment and coming up later this month make me super excited.

My birthday always falls in December, and I have never liked that fact. My family has a tradition of exchanging names for Christmas gifts, therefore, December was a month abundant in gifts and fun and surprises. That was sad because my whole life, December was the one and only month I felt like the princess I truly am! haha. (That was a dramatic jest, for your information. 🙂 ) Never-the-less, December was always an exciting month, even if it meant getting my yearly batch of presents all at one time.


(Last year in Dec.)

I exaggerated a little about the tragedy of a December birthday. I have great family and friends in my life who were/are nice to me all year round. 🙂

This December, I am also celebrating freedom from school. After four, long, crazy years of doing high school off and on, I finally finished today. My deadline was January 3, but I aimed to be done before Christmas. Amazingly, I surprised myself and finished before my birthday. I am so thankful that God gave me the [strength] to do an insane amount of exams since we’ve been married. I’m also thankful for a husband who supported me, helped me stay focused when the house was messy, and ordered pizza for dinner when I was a tad overwhelmed. (Ok, a lot) 🙂 In fact, he made dinner himself more than once in our marriage. He’s a good man.

Graduation, Birthday, Christmas. #Big month.

Presents really aren’t the point of Christmas. Presents aren’t necessities for birthdays either. They are nice expressions though.

This year, I was hoping to approach December a little differently.

I am blessed beyond measure with “stuff.” Sure there are things I need and want. (Or think I need and want.)

BUT…I want to have a “Christmas giving attitude” all the time. Even on the one day I celebrate that God planned my life. I want to kill selfishness in me.

“Being unselfish doesn’t mean thinking less of yourself; It means thinking of yourself less.”


Having an unhealthy destructive self image is not the point. (Truly that is selfishness and pride at its greatest.) But thinking of others…of Jesus more. That is the point.

I’m not trying to be a super spiritual, “big words” freak. Honestly. It’s really truly what I want this December. I want to be more than shallow. More than selfish.

I know that I’m still deeply selfish. But I’m learning. This is a big deal to me, and I don’t like what unselfishness feels like. But I do like what giving feels like.


(Christmas 2011)

So if you think of me on my birthday…or any time in this exciting month for me, instead of buying a card, gift, (even if you normally wouldn’t) consider giving a gift to someone who really needs it.

If you want to make a difference and provide food, clothes, medicine, and hope….for families in desperate need, go to my gift catalog and give a gift. You can choose how you want to give, or you can simply choose to give a donation.

(I’m 42% of the way to my goal!)

More importantly than my birthday, we celebrate Jesus’ birthday this time of year.


(Christmas decor 2011. The home of dear people.)

We give Him gifts when we take care of those who appear “low down.” Little children are the greatest in the kingdom.

When we feed the hungry, we feed Jesus. When we clothe people, we clothe Jesus. When we love people, we love Jesus. Let’s treat Him like a King.

I want to give my birthday up. I want to celebrate my life…but celebrate it by giving to Him. I want to honor Him and His birthday…Because He’s the Author of all life.

If you want to help, go to my page.


Happy Birthday, Jesus!

© Brenda Kanagy


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