Hearing God on a Tired Day

I stash quick revelations, funny quotes, and stories that happen throughout life in the notes of my iphone. It’s always fun to go through them later. I found this note from about two weeks ago and decided to share it:

I have felt rather sickly and under the weather today.

Weak and tired. Headache.

I hardly got anything done so far, and my day just started out all wrong. I overslept. I somehow managed to prepare and eat lunch with Cabob, wash a massive stack of dishes from the last few days, and clean up the kitchen. That took an hour. Then I managed to scrub and dry a big stack of Cabob’s old toys that I was getting ready for a toy box.

Now my hands feel like a dried up prune.

Exhausted, I finally lay down feeling rather lame and discouraged.

I asked God, “Why am I so tired?” Immediately condemnation hit me. Because you overslept. You’re a bad wife. Inadequate. You deserve to feel bad.

I grew frustrated. That wasn’t from God. I want to hear from my Father. Those things aren’t true.

Once more I waited to hear God. This time, immediately, Psalm 24:20 came to mind. Or was it 20:24? Oh well, I’ll check both.

I was convinced what I would find would be a word from God just for me. Well guess what? Psalm 24:20 doesn’t exist. Neither does Psalm 20:24.

What? I lay back rather stunned. That rarely happens. God, what a dirty trick! How could you do that when I need you?

Suddenly, a light bulb came on, and I heard the sweet voice of Jesus speaking, and peace washed over me.

Now THIS is Him.

“Sweetie, that’s how condemnation works. Your enemy speaks things that seem right, but hold no truth. If you trace them back, there is only emptiness. Empty words only have power if you believe them. You believe what Satan tells you over and over, but if you stop to check the reference, (the truth) it’s nonexistent. It leads to nothing. You hear ‘Psalm 20:24′ in your head and believe its true, but it doesn’t exist in My heart.”

“…Believe ME. I am your Father. The Author of substance. My words are true and bring life to your soul. They always lead back to Me and Fullness. Believe Me in your heart, and your mind will follow. In My heart you are safe.”

Tears were starting to well up, and I felt as if I had just gotten the warmest, sweetest Father hug ever.
Palms 20:24 wasn’t a cruel trick after all. God lead me to “nothing” to show me how Satan plays with my mind. He led me to a lesson, gently showing me that His Word never returns void.
(a photo my hunk took on our two day excursion to Charleston last week. He’s a good photographer.  I learn lots from his skills. 😉 )
Believe the truth. Your mind will follow.
Proverbs 16:19
You may make your plans, but God directs your actions.
Proverbs 3:6
In all thy ways think on him, and he will direct thy steps…
“Submit to his sovereignty; and be still and know that he is God, that does all things right, for his own glory and his people’s good.”
(“Not in acts of solemn worship or great crises only, but ‘in all thy ways…'”)
© Brenda Kanagy

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