[the day before, the day of, and the days after]

ImageTwo days before the “I dos.”


Two days after the “I dos.”


Two days after that...


And the day in between that began all other days. 🙂



ImageAnd it all ended up in some warm country down south. 😉

It’s so hard to believe that in April it will be six months.

…Six months that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

People are funny when they say, “This is just the honeymoon stage. Wait, ’till reality hits.”

Sometime, I’d like to punch someone for saying that. Sometime. 🙂

The things you say about marriage are only a reflection of your own. If you have something negative to say, then please cease speaking.

God is so full of hope!! He would never say the things we do sometimes about marriage. Earthly marriage is to be a picture of our marriage to Christ. If we have only negative things to say about marriage, what does that say about our view of Christ as our husband?

Jesus doesn’t tire, and his love for us doesn’t grow cold. Reality is his love and grace. As we walk more into that heavenly reality, we begin to see that reality working in our marriages. I want more of that.

Our relationship had a rocky start, and it is a miracle straight from God that something so beautiful could be made out of imperfect people. We didn’t wake up to each other’s bad sides after we were married. God had already redeemed so much, we were already running on the fuel of his faithfulness; marriage was a continuation of what He started.

God’s faithfulness has pushed us through pain and into the sunlight of his redemption and grace time after time. Before marriage. After marriage. Yesterday. Today. And I know it will be there tomorrow. Because grace is the power that brings change, and it’s working on me today.

Our marriage day was the most beautiful, perfect day. God presence was so tangible and precious to us; I would love to do it all over again. It was so stress free and fun and exciting and sacred and beautiful all around.

But life wasn’t instantly perfect after that. Contrary to popular belief, life still happens on the honeymoon. Relationship is work whether it’s the first day of marriage or the 100th. We had to trust God as He built a foundation for us in those first few weeks. It’s a strange thing to feel the hand of God moving obstacles, (or removing) blocking blows, and paddling the boat upstream as you simply let Him lead. He was determined to do it right. And He did. I’m not sure what He did, but I clearly felt it happening, and we still talk about it a lot.


Honestly, the first few months were the most rocky. At the same time it was completely delightful in so many ways. There is no better feeling than belonging to the one person your soul loves. It is happiness.

But although I would love to relive the wedding day, the honeymoon weeks, and first months over, it has gotten so much better, and I am pumped for the future. The more God’s presence fills us up, the more we treat each other the way we are treated by a loving God.

Marriage just doesn’t work when God isn’t the focus of it. It’s empty, meaningless, and incredibly selfish. It just stinks to be in that rut. Nothing makes sense. But when each partner as individuals runs to a one holy God, then they find in each other a soul mate they can never be separated from.

When God is there….love is stronger than death in its many forms.

Ah, anyways, I love marriage so much. God is teaching me endless things about Himself through it. I can only imagine the things He will keep showing me.

Happy Palm Sunday!

I can’t wait for Easter. JESUS is here!


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