Don’t forget to worship. (Don’t forget to laugh.)


(This post has been setting unpublished for over a week. The dates aren’t current. If I say “last night,” it was a week or two ago. 🙂 )

Life isn’t always fun or funny. Sometimes situations and pressures press in so hard it seems being a grown up faced with overwhelming decisions and responsibility is all life is about.

Its not of course.

It’s just that in a time when there are so many things that must be done, like paying a bill with money that isn’t available yet, it’s hard to find humor in life or smell the roses, so to speak.


(Behind our house)

It’s easy to quote flowery words like, “take time to smell the roses,” but it’s a whole lot harder to purposefully command your mind to rest when it screams to worry.

It might seem silly to talk to yourself, but it’s no new idea. David said, “Bless the Lord, oh my soul.” He literally commanded his soul to come in subjection to God in worship.


I doubt David was given a special, natural inclination to worship. He was human being just like us. But he obviously did something right. He was called “a man after God’s own heart.”

When we least feel like God is good and life is peachy, God craves our worship. He gave us will to choose, but He longs for us to choose Him.

We are selfish people, but when we overcome the need to follow our short term feelings, our soul reaps long term fruits of obedience.

A peak into my struggle with faith and worship:

It will soon be our six month anniversary. We got married at the end of the year. There were a lot of expenses, of course. My darling saved for both wedding and honeymoon, and we were able to have a debt free wedding and vacation. Yay!

It was a miracle how there was always money each step of the way. Just enough and usually more.

After the honeymoon ended, we immediately bought new phones with a different provider and started up new plans.(We couldn’t get cell service in our town with the old ones) Hundreds of dollars there.

A couple months later, we put a down payment on a house and moved in after working a week to get it ready (enough) to move in.  We didn’t want the extra expense of rent, plus house payments, so we just did it! 🙂 I’m so glad we did.

It was overwhelming making those big decisions, but God led us and assured us that first night when we sat there in shock like, “What just happened? What are we doing in this state with our own house?” 🙂 I love our home near the springs now. There is significance, and I don’t doubt we are in God’s will here.

At that point we couldn’t afford a much needed stove. We became pioneers living in our new house for a week or two until the next paycheck. It wasn’t all bad. It was a great experience.It taught me a lot about contentment!


A few months after that, God blessed us with a second vehicle for a great price: the little truck my hubby has wanted and now has.

Then there was vehicle insurance and house insurance. So many bills that you never really think about until they are yours to pay.

Then there comes taxes. The joyful spring season. 🙂 With so many expenses in the last part of the year, taxes weren’t really in our minds until January. Plus, we didn’t receive any tax forms until the end of March. Not a fun feeling to finally get tax figures the first week of April. And we still haven’t got everything lined up. But God does. Talk about having to trust God.

Nope, I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all. But I know that God is going to take care of us. He always has.

Up until our wedding, he played every chess piece perfectly,  and it all fell into place. He kept on providing just in time, just enough for what we needed and more to live it up on our honeymoon. Why should I doubt that He will continue now?


Part of married is a crazy learning experience. Makes me want to live in a cave with nothing but food and clothes sometimes. 🙂

At the same time, I often have to step back and realize that this life is temporary. All the earthly success in the world won’t benefit me at all in eternity. Tax season, house payments…all these “stressful” parts of life, though the world demands them, I will not remember them some day. It just won’t be that important.

I will remember God’s voice in the chaos. The laughter in the pain that is sometimes part of life.


I will remember the time I wanted to freak out, but instead I said, “Praise the Lord, my soul. Forget not His benefits.” Because His love is never ending. He is the beginning and the end. The first and the last. He was and always will be.

If He has been faithful, if He is faithful, He will continue to be faithful!

Don’t be discouraged. If you’re up against a wall with a situation in your life, put your energy into believing that God has your success in mind. Wait for the wall to move or for Him to hand you the key to the door. He hears every cry for help. Believe Him to bring breakthrough and turn your frown lines to laugh lines.


Speaking of laughter….

We talk about taxes because we have too. We pray because we need Him. But sometimes we need to laugh because we can.

Last night I was reminded why I love my husband again. Caleb was having sinus and throat issues, and I had already given him some things to clear it up and help him sleep.

We had just crawled in bed and turned the lights off. I leaned over to hug and kiss him goodnight, and I was enjoying the tight, sweet, mushy, squeezy, loving, hubby hug, until I heard him sniffling and doing something with his hands behind my back.

He said, “Hang on I gotta plug up the drain for the night.”


I unburried my head from his chest, leaned back to see what he was doing, and burst into shrieks and howls of laughter. (literally)  He had toilet paper stuffed in one nose hole, and the rest of the attached pieces trailing out haphazardly down his chest.

I couldn’t contain myself. It was too cute. I never found out that he brought the toilet paper to bed. Better safe than sorry with a runny nose, you know. 😀

I love that man!

It’s one thing to smile, but I forgot how GOOD it feels to laugh. It releases endorphins in your brain, and those little boogers keep you healthy and happy!

Don’t forget to laugh. Don’t forget to tell your soul to find rest in God. Don’t forget to worship!




(C) Brenda Kanagy


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