Monday and Tuesday living


April 15 was a rather gray day…at least the sky was. I had a good day. Yup, it was tax deadline day, but there wasn’t any need to be all worked up because God takes care of all our needs, amen? 🙂

I was a little lazy. It was too dreary and cloudy to inspire me to do laundry if I couldn’t hang it out, so put I it off until Tuesday.

Monday, the 15th was also the day the terrible tragedy in Boston took place. The night before, my mind had been thinking about the unrest in the world in relation to North Korea. (I’m sure you’ve read the news. I try not to. :p The world is crazy. That’s not news. I knew that already. I would rather focus on the good that still exists in the world.)

When I saw the news of bombings in Boston, my heart took it somewhat in stride.

I was very sad for the victims, but at the same time my heart immediately quieted before God.

I got on my knees and told Him that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. I told Him that He is worthy of my praise and this nation’s praise. I told Him I was sorry this nation no longer gives Him credit for the breath we are given every day. So I told Him thank you for mine. I felt so overwhelmed that for so many years He gave me life, and protected my footsteps in a scary world of many evil intentions.

I asked for a second chance for American people. I asked Him to turn His heart to this nation, and draw our hearts to Him again. I prayed for my president. I blessed Him. I asked God to guide and protect him, and draw him to the truth and presence of Jesus.

I asked God to bless Boston with His comforting presence, and I also prayed for the one/ones behind the bombings. The heart of man is wicked without God. We need Him desperately.

God’s presence was so tangible the rest of the day, and there was a huge measure of peace wherever I went. Whatever frustration or problem came my way, I without thought, took it God.

Acknowledging God’s presence is such a key to a life of faith. The more I take time to acknowledge and worship Him even when something negative happens, my mind becomes trained to go to Him for an answer immediately for everything throughout my day.

That evening, my man was hoeing the garden until he came inside with a lot of pain in his head. It was pretty sudden and unusual, and I asked if he was dying just to make sure. 🙂 Inside, I was already telling God about it.

I got him to take a long, hot shower, and while I did dishes, I was talking to God and asking him to fix whatever was causing the pain in my darling’s head.

He was fine the rest of the evening, and is having a really awesome day today. (Tues.) I love the nature of God to heal and restore every day, even in small things that come up.

I understand that this world is corrupt and wicked. I understand that it will get worse. But as believers, it is crucial that we operate in a different kingdom than the one we are part of.

No more lashing out, no more panic attacks, no more unresolved fear. Unbelievers live that life. We should know better because of Who we know! There is a Healer, there is an Answer, and there is a Spirit that is promised to come and be poured out.

Though the earthly kingdom declines in godliness, the kingdom of God is promised to increase and grow strength and numbers. I believe.

If we want to prepare for the future, the best thing to do is get to the know the Spirit who will lead and guide us into all truth. now. and then. That seems like a better plan of action than having an explosion of fear and building a bunker. 🙂

I’m not against stuff like that necessarily  My hubby is into stuff like that, and I think underground tunnels are cool too. 🙂 I am just not condoning fear driven decisions. A decision influenced by fear is no help to you. A decision influenced by the direction of God; that is called obedience.


These days if my hubby takes me goodwill, I browse the baby clothing racks. :p Nope, not pregnant, but “somebody” thinks I have baby fever. I tell him that’s silly. I just have fun gathering things I will need for WHEN I need it. That’s wisdom right? 🙂 And it is fun.


I also have book cravings right now.

On my lazy Monday, I couldn’t tear myself away from a book I had bought at goodwill the day before.

Hubby dropped me off at goodwill while he ran some errands, and when he came back, his eyes were huge looking at my cart with all the books in it. I tried to explain that he should know I wasn’t going to get them all. I just gathered all the good ones I found. Then I would sort through and pick out a few of the best. That’s always the way I shop.

I am a super indecisive shopper. So he helped me be wise. At first I was annoyed because I thought he was judging me, and I didn’t think that was fair because he’s not a book worm at all like I am. But He convinced me he wasn’t mad; he was just there to offer any wisdom through these difficult decisions. 😀

“Now, are these books ones you want in our home for years to come? Are they profitable? That’s all I want to know. Do you want our children to read them?” To which I answered emphatically  “YES! They have to read these. It will stretch their brains.”

“But will it make them better people or help them understand the world or know God?”

Oh no! These hard questions. 🙂

I thought. “Ok my teacher wanted me to read these kinds of classics that were difficult reading because it would broaden my vocabulary and make my brain work hard to understand the story and the lesson in the end. I hated reading those books, but now I get it.”

“I want my kids to stretch their brains too. It’s education  It’s kind of like math to me. It doesn’t seem important and might not necessarily draw me close to God, but it teaches me how to think and understand.”

“I agree. These classics are the type of books I’d want the kids to read out loud to me,” he said

Oh, I love that man. 🙂

I ended up with eight books. Around ten dollars I believe. Hubby was ok with it all. I was a happy, happy person.

A few of the books:

The House of the Seven Gables by Nathaniel Hawthorne

The Cure for the Common Life by Max Lucado

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper

Lydia by Lois T. Henderson (a historical novel on the biblical character, Lydia. Fascinating. I read it in an evening and half day.)

Four classic American novels compiled in one: Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Stephen Crane’s The Red Badge of Courage, and Herman Melville’s Billy Bud.


 I know there are other readers out there who understand the joy of a large book collection. 🙂

Tuesday dawned with sparkling clean brilliance outside my house and chased all the gray away. The grass was still a bit wet when I hung out the first load of laundry, and the dew glistened in the bright, warm sunshine. It was so gorgeous. This day is incredible, and I intend to enjoy it to the fullest.


I love the smell of clean, wet laundry. I don’t think there’s a laundry day that I don’t burry my nose in a least a few pieces of wet fabric. So. amazing.

Today, as I was hanging up my white sheet set to dry, I had to think of my life and how God treats me.

We all have dirty laundry. All our laundry is dirty, really. Before God is in the picture, that is.

On wash day, we take our soiled clothes and try to wash away the yuck and stains that are permanent. (Or so we are convinced) We hang them out to dry, and everyone can see. Some judge. Others laugh. Few reactions help the self esteem of the one hanging out his laundry.

But when Jesus comes, He doesn’t gawk at the stained, yucky pieces. He throws away the clothes we’ve tried so hard to clean, and He gives us a new, beautiful, white sheet set, and hangs it up for all the world to see.


People may come along and try to bring up the existence of the old laundry, but Jesus doesn’t put up with it. He says the old is no more! The old is passed away. All things are new!

Now I don’t need to worry about my self esteem and others trying to bring attention to what’s already passed away. None of the blessings and wholeness of my life is something I could fabricate, so why should I esteem myself highly?

God gives me a new self though, and I value and treasure the newness of me in Him. It’s not self esteem; It’s security in Him. I love that.

How incredible to exchange my filthiness for brand new white sheets. How beautiful to be redeemed and vindicated by a jealous Daddy.


©Brenda Kanagy


4 thoughts on “Monday and Tuesday living

  1. Oh I love, love this, Brenda!! Books…. sigh… Caleb was smart to let you buy those particular ones.. They are all ones I have read except House of Seven Gables and that one I have wanted to read. Books are my friends and yeah we have bookcases in every room of our house except maybe the kids bathroom. :-). My bathroom has a nice stack on the shelf. 🙂 I am convinced that reading lots of classics and other well written books are really all you need to give yourself a higher education. One of my biggest fears is not dying from a bomb or explosion or a tornado but being blind in my old age and not being able to read.

    Really appreciate your take on the spiritual applications you made. It is sad to see someone who claims to be Spirit filled and has so much at his disposal being so fearful about the future and death.

    Hope you don’t mind if I share this on my FB page.


    • Charlotte, yes I do have a kind husband. 🙂 It’s hard for me to take time to read, but when I do, I love it. It also helps me write better. Book libraries. Yum. 🙂 Thanks for your appreciation of my blog, btw. It’s nice to have faithful readers who look forward to hearing this young heart in sincerity. 🙂 I don’t mind if you share.

      Sent from my iPhone


  2. So enjoyed reading your heart today.

    Charlotte Miller is a precious friend of mine as well. Love that she “introduced” me to you.

    God bless you! Amy Kinser


    • Thanks for stopping by, Amy! What an honor. I’m glad you were blessed. You’re welcome anytime.
      Yeah, the short time I talked with Charlotte a few weeks ago clued me in pretty well that she’s a great person to have in your life. 😉


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