A List for Sunday


Perspective. I need it.

Thankfulness is a Biblical command, I guess. Partly because God loves and craves praise, but I propose that God urges us to praise Him largely for our own wholeness as well.

Worship is more than a good attitude; It’s the language of relationship.

On the flip side, discontentment is the language of the enemy. Anger, bitterness, discontentment, doubt…they are fruits of Satan. If we fellowship with Satan/entertain his lies, we become like him through interaction.

Worship is not only the language of the kingdom; it is armor against the language of the enemy. We can only agree with one force at a time. Worship puts us in a place of interaction and agreement with God.

ImageWorship tells God, “I agree with your likeness.” Worship also sends an obvious “no” to Satan, “I will not entertain your lies. God is my salvation, and I will trust in Him alone.”

When we turn our affections to Jesus, Satan is the sore loser. We have everything to gain in worship.

No matter what awful, horrible situation is going on my life, I become unburdened when I look up beyond the earthly thing hurting me and give thanks for His goodness. It’s not a distraction method or a temporary good attitude  Worshiping in spirit and truth means aligning myself with HIM. That includes what I’m thinking, feeling, and experiencing. When I am one with Him in the Holy Presence, worship not only glorifies a good God, it sets me free and opens me up for breakthrough in the physical realm of my circumstance.


Worship is liberating and hurts so much less than bitterness.

I’m thankful. He is good!

1. Blue eyes that look into mine every day

2. The sun comes up every morning without fail.

3. Agape love which has no hook/is pure in every way. (God loves me this way? gulp.)

4.Though the air becomes muggy, the sky is blue and the clouds are fluffy. (unintentional poetry. :p)

5. My husband painted my toes red this weekend. He did a better job than I ever do.

6.The little lizard that runs into my life every few weeks/months putting a smile on my face.

7. My Mom and brother are coming to see me in a few weeks.

8. Mother’s Day. I am thankful for my Mama.

9. Cool breeze whispering through the trees.

10. No Sunday headache.

11. Rest…beyond physical stillness. God brings rest for my soul.

12. Rocking chairs

13. Music. It’s a language all it’s own

14. Special letters in the mail

15. Fresh milk straight from the cow. 🙂

16. DAILY bread. not just for special occasions, but to be experienced every day of our ordinary lives.



Happy Mother’s Day!


 ©Brenda Kanagy


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