The Taskmaster and the Shepherd


(Taken in the Allstate Arena of Chicago in 2011.)

Today, while I was gathering my thoughts about writing more of Bri’s journey, I got this picture of Psalms 23 and two poems.

Oh, I need to write that!

One is the story of a girl who is a slave to a taskmaster.

The next is her redemption found in her true Love.

It is inspired by Bri’s story, (written from her perspective) yet it is really all of our stories. It was given by God, yet out of my heart too. I know what it’s like to be found.

So here are two contrasting poems written in the style of Psalms 23. I’m still working on titles.

Satan is my master
I am never satisfied
He lures me with his promise of contentment
I find myself lying in a desert of turmoil
He never makes good on his promises
Yet I am still thirsty for more danger
He leads me in paths of hunger and sin
To make himself the king of my affections
I am terrified to walk in this valley of bones
Yet I love how evil excites my emotions
His followers and his smooth tongue convince me to stay
He hands me an apple, and I eat it in the presence of onlookers
The religious throw stones at me because I am now infested with worms
He pours flattery and attention on my insecurity
My cup remains empty and cracked
Guilt and remorse follow me wherever I go
Yet still I dwell in this house of death because there’s no way out

Abba Daddy is my Shepherd
I have found my true Love
I am fully satisfied
He takes me to cool meadows he designed for my happiness
He leads me along deep rivers of insight
(I jump in)
He has restored my brokenness to full health
I rejoice in my new found purity!
My body is His glorious temple
People now see my Lover when they look at me
Even when I walk through the deepest valleys
(when death’s shadow looms)
I will fear no evil
Because I know the enemy can no longer touch me.
Yahweh, I am your daughter, and you are always with me
Your clear defined ways comfort me
Your direction guides me like a star
You make an extravagant spread for my nourishment
You make a point of letting my enemies see Your favor on me
You anoint me with Your sweetness
I’m not just full; you’ve consumed me to overflowing!
Blessing and never failing love will chase me down
(I am chosen by you)
Because you have rescued me from death,
I live in your house of peace for eternity.

-The End

My heart screams and shouts with joy as I write and read these poems because it is so real. I wish everyone to experience this incredible son-ship.

©Brenda Kanagy


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