Writers Funk, Maple Syrup, Milestones, and More…

Life gets busy, and the moments of “Ah, nobody wants to read about that,” and “I don’t even know where to start” moments become more common on this blog. I have started writing many times the past few months, but I never posted. The longer I don’t post, the easier it is to explain future posts away. Oops.

This post is my attempt to get out of my blogging funk. 🙂

I am usually prey to writer’s funk after a dramatic season of intense activity. The aftermath is a rest period, which is good, but I often tend to get a little passive until God wakes me up again.  The challenge: rest is not inactive. Rest is not lazy. Rest is active worship.

I love to blog. I love to write. It makes me come alive. When I write about things that I’m learning, it helps me stay on track. Many times, this blog is a way to creatively document my history with God. Not that it’s not possible otherwise, but as a writer, vulnerably documenting aspects of my journey somehow keeps my head  in God’s cloud. :p

The second reason my blog gets in a funk often has to do with a privacy issue. It’s a constant battle to feel led to share personal stories, inspiration, even everyday posts about my home, my family, and my life, yet to plug in to wisdom on how to respect the privacy of others and myself.

The internet is a crazy thing.  I realize I’m a million bucks in God’s eyes and in the eyes of a few mortal beings, but when I googled my name online a few weeks ago, I suddenly felt a little too special in the public realm. 🙂 I’m not a very smart cookie, technologically. I don’t mind strangers being able to find my blog on google, but to have my personal photos from blog posts all over google images is a little disturbing.  It never happened before. I’m not sure if the photos are showing up because I usually sign my full name at the end of my posts, (connecting my name to the photos posted) or if it’s something else. I don’t want my blog to be entirely private, yet I don’t want photos on individual posts there to be linked to my name when googled. I also don’t want my photos available to be copy and pasted for any purpose online.

Yes, technology is interesting, to say the least. Location services on smartphones are a tool that can be used against people if in the wrong hands. Those photos posted online can be hacked into. People can find exactly where you live. Not entirely necessary information for complete strangers.

These facts get me in a blogging funk.

If anyone bright or brilliant knows how to make blog photos unsearchable on google, please enlighten me.

God is the Protector. There is no need to be panicked about modern technology.

He is also the source of wisdom. Wisdom is not careless or ignorant. To have wisdom…I need it.

To post or not to post…that is the question. 🙂

Now that I’ve overcome that mountain, (a.k.a. funk) in other news, two beautiful babies have made me a happy aunt once again. A boy and a girl.  I love them already.

My husband and I just crossed the one year mark of marriage two days ago. I’ll always be grateful for the gift he is to me.


We are currently on a five week candida program/diet/detox…what have you. I am pretty sure we are the only couple who ate nothing for three days over the course of the first year anniversary. (Maple syrup, pure lemon juice, and water was our food and nutrition.) We have the self control of a tiger turning it’s back on it’s prey.

Besides continual cravings for juicy, delicious, solid food in a restaurant, we survived. This detox has brought me down 6 lbs. Not that I was doing it to lose weight, but I am thankful for a cleaner, more healthy stomach and intestines. We only live once. Why should five weeks out of my life to focus on curbing bad habits and cleaning out the temple (body) God gave be so hard? Oh, it is hard, but one day at a time, we succeed.  My husband is getting so lean and…hot. 🙂 This lifestyle change started six-ish months ago, but the snowball keeps rolling.

We did have a lovely anniversary. Love is a beautiful adventure. One that leaves the soul more beautiful, more refined, and more like Jesus, if it is His love we seek.

I hope each of you who took the time to stop by again are filled with the joy of the Lord, which will always be your strength.

Happy Monday. If I get through this day of eating fresh veggies alone, tomorrow I get to eat rice cakes, chicken, peas, fish, beans, stir fry, and any other delicious thing I am allowed to have. Until tomorrow then.



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