What If We Unpack?

That feeling when you come home from an amazing trip filled with special moments and adventure…

You lug the suitcase, purse, wallet, water bottles, banana peeling, ice chest, souvenirs, extra shoes you never got to wear, and trash into the house.

THUD. There lies the unorganized pile of artifacts on the living room floor.

An overwhelming sight.

You crash for a while.

When you find the energy, you begin to drag the piles of baggage into the proper rooms to be unpacked. The water bottles go to the kitchen for washing, the banana peel goes in the trash can, the suitcase goes in the bedroom, the purse hangs on the coat rack, (or on the floor if you don’t have one.) etc. You know the drill.

If you’re really lazy, like I am sometimes, you only unpack essentials and leave the rest for the next day. Making dinner and recuperating from the trip is what’s on your mind.

Ever feel that way in life? You started on a journey not knowing what to expect, you weren’t sure how to pack, and turns out you have been riding a canoe down the Niger River instead rafting the white waters of the Grand Canyon. Oops.

Time changes things. Time changes people. Circumstances change people. There’s no denying the fact that the dangers of the Niger River are different than that of the tumultuous Grand Canyon rapids.

Not all experience the same flavor of grace. But we are all the same deep down. We come back from our adventures, exhausted to the core. We collapse with all our baggage strewn around us.

When we open our bags, we often find we packed a lot of non essentials. A little bitterness here, a mountain of unbelief there, a rotten clump of pride…

We ask ourselves, “How has this bag of rocks been profitable to me through my journey? If this lie had not been shoved on my back, imagine all the mountains I would have dared to cross?”

But what ifs are meaningless alone. Can we hope in a promise? Can we dare to dream again? Can we dare to ask the “what ifs” of hope instead the doom threat prophecy?

You can never have too much hope.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

So hope really isn’t meaningless after all. Hope is the beginning of something, not an illusion of nothing. Hope is given wings through faith.


The Father searches the earth for faith. When it is found, He honors it.

What if we tore off the chains of unbelief and planted a mustard seed of faith?

What if we shed the coat of despair and put on the easy yoke of Christ?

What if if we unpack our bags of rocks, and make them stepping stones to walk on the snake’s head?

What if we can dream again?

What if dreams come true?

We can’t undo the past, but we have a choice for the future. No more lies. Only the truth which makes us free, for real. (indeed) 🙂

May we have the strength to unpack and put on the armor of God for the sake of future generations.

Let your hope make you glad. Be patient in time of trouble, and never stop praying. Romans 12:12


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