Unrefined Housewife Tips

Here is a flavorful and realistic list for the imperfect woman. (with a sense of humor)

Unruly Unrefined Housewife Tips:

* Start fixing the bed before you get out of it. It saves so much bending, crawling, pulling, and smoothing, especially when your bedroom is tiny and one side of the bed is next to a wall. It’s ok to be different.

Also, if you have no room for a headboard, make a cozy nook by lining the walls with mirrors instead. Make your space work for you.


* Leaves decompose and fertilize the ground if you don’t rake them or if you don’t get to them as soon as you’d like. If you live in the south and the grass is already brown, you’re good.

* Have a project you’re eager to start immediately after lunch? Leave the lunch dishes until you are preparing dinner later. Knock out all the kitchen chores at once. Just don’t look at the messy counter until you are ready to hit it. This saves time and is efficient. (This tip was candid, courtesy of my husband. 🙂 )

* Buy plants that come with instructions like this: “Don’t over water. Wait until the leaves start to droop. This is when you know it’s time for some water.” For the forgetful mind, this plant is ideal. I know. My one successful houseplant has been raised to life many a time.

* Respect spouse disgraces and inconsistencies. For example:

1. Spouse A. didn’t have the habit of closing the main toilet lid before meeting Spouse B. (Still a work in progress.) Spouse B. politely wipes the toilet seat with each flush. (You would be surprised which spouse.)

2. Spouse B. would ideally change out the dish rag after every stack of dishes, because of germs, yet same said Spouse will wipe up a small spill on the floor with a corner of said dish rag.

3. Spouse A. scratched the washer by using it as a shelf. Oopsie. Spouse B. once threw dirty clothes on the floor less than a foot from the hamper.

4. Spouse B. pulls covers off of Spouse A. at night. Spouse A. has been found with the sheet tightly wrapped over face and under head by morning. Spouse B. saved spouse A. from suffocation multiple times. 😀

Some habits are good to learn from each other. Others… eh. Always kiss and laugh at each other instead of fighting. 🙂

* When you feel exhausted for no known reason to non-mom wives: turn on some loud worship music and dance your (insert word of choice) off. It kicks that fatigue in the bum.

* Purposely make enough food for leftovers. Growing up, I overheard conversations discussing the challenge of cooking for only two. I avoid that problem by making normal recipe amounts and sticking leftovers away for lunch the next day. Of course frying up a few eggs in the morning doesn’t count, but that soup you made for dinner sure does.


* If you are not yet a mom and have independent opportunities, multitask and fold your laundry while enjoying a favorite movie. These days shan’t last forever. 😉

* Make lists if you need motivation. Start small. The happiness of crossed off lists shall spur you to the next and greater victory. 🙂

* As long as my motive for “perfection” has to do with the quality of my life before God and not because accusation and pride are playing me like a puppet before men, it’s ok to go ahead and clean and organize away. Otherwise, it’s time to go spend some time prioritizing with God. Worship first. Lovers accomplish more than workers.

Have a beautiful day, people!


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