“Ride the rainbow, little girl…” [Hello, 2014!]

20131117_HJM_139352Photography by Heidi Mast Photography

No, life is not always this picturesque, but on the other hand, sometimes, it is. 🙂

I couldn’t begin a post in the new year without an official, “Happy 2014!”

Maybe I’m old and boring, (ok, young and boring) but I stayed in on New Years Eve. When I woke up in the morning, I heard music playing, and soon his head popped in the bedroom.

I asked, “Where’s that jazz coming from?”

He broke out a dance move, “From my kitchen.” 😉 I love him.

I may be boring, but I was grateful to wake up without a hangover or regrets from during the night. That, in itself, is a massive blessing. I know not everyone’s December to January transition was as smooth as mine.

Purpose: it’s necessary.

I don’t have a monumental New Year’s resolution at the moment, although I’ve been asking God to give me a theme for this year. I think I know what it is, but I may be in denial at this point, due to the fact that I may not like His idea very much. 🙂 Working on it.

Last year, I believe the theme was “favor.” A continuation of the last part of 2012 when we got engaged and eventually married, that theme continued into 2013 and our first year of marriage. I love my life with him, but I discovered marriage is not for the fainthearted. Not because I married an awful person, but because I need more Jesus. You can “fall in love,” sure, but eventually, there has to be a commitment to stay in love, to invest in love, to live in His love heart 24/7 in marriage.

Marriage is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, (I’ve done my share of hard things) but it bears crucial, beautiful, and joy filled fruit that I never experienced before.

Those who sow in tears will reap in joy! Psalm 126:5 (It’s true.)

I bet Paul decided single hood was better than marriage because he wasn’t up for the challenge. Just kidding. (Sorry, Paul :)) I realize that marriage is not for everyone, and those people do live whole, incredible lives. However, I am thankful that Jesus likes marriage.

God designed marriage after His kingdom/His relationship with His bride. With that blueprint, it is not ironic that Jesus is required for a real marriage to work. Now that is beautiful.

On the favor theme:

The revelation of His favor combined with speaking it out loud has been an incredible journey of breakthrough in my life. It has got me through pain that I otherwise may have been swallowed in.

Favor is still something I’m learning to apply, but at least I’m familiar with the power of the tongue to build up or destroy.

I’ve experienced, first hand, the destructive power of a resolution made out of anger, fear, or pain. Forces followup our vows and verbal declarations. If I make vows out of fleshly influences or pain, Satan will drive me down a path of performance and unfulfilled goals that is no pleasure trip to recover from.

However, if I find myself at the mercy of Jesus, recognize His favor on my life, and claim the grace necessary to “change my stars,” my prophetic declarations can empower me to live in my true inheritance and calling in Christ. (“Change your stars” is an expression from the movie, A Knight’s Tale.)


My tongue is a prophetic instrument. I choose which kingdom I stake my future reality in.

On themes and goals:

My husband and I set some health related goals last January. 2013 was the year he lost 50 pounds. Woot! Lifestyle change goes a long way. Think before you consume. To your health. Cheers. 🙂

I know no one asked for my suggestions on New Year’s resolutions, but if you did, this would be my response: (You’re welcome. It’s my pleasure. hehe.)

I don’t recommend overkill in New Year’s resolutions.

Well, that was encouraging, Brenda. Tell me more! 😀


Be wise. Don’t set yourself up for failure by setting goals you aren’t serious enough to reach. Set realistic goals, and start one step at a time. Two steps forward, one step back is still progress. If goals can’t be incorporated into lifestyle, you’ll probably give up in the first month, then beat yourself up for it later. Ask yourself which kingdom your goals originated in. If God puts a vision in your heart, He will equip you for the mission. In that light, sometimes faith looks unrealistic. Go with faith. Faith and wisdom do not contradict.

Sure, set a goal to overcome a massive addiction in 2014, (and by God’s grace, you will.) but don’t start out your New Year drinking only fresh veggie shakes if you plan to actually stick with a weight loss plan. Being too harsh with yourself might result in eating a whole pan of brownies after the first day. 🙂 Don’t binge your way to your pot of gold. Ride the rainbow. 😀 Ok, this paragraph is getting out of hand. Jesus take the wheel- er keyboard.

No really, sometimes God reassures me, “Ride the rainbow, little girl.” It’s ok to look silly.

If you plan to shoot for the impossible, you better know Jesus, unless you want to fail. 😉 Nothing wrong with big dreams. If you’ve been called an “overachiever,” don’t be pulled back down to “reality.” You are a world changer that was created to thrive in a miracle realty. The rest of us should learn from you. You are not foolish as long as you tap in to His unlimited resources for the goals He sets before you. Maybe God gave you impossible goals to set a higher standard for living the “daily bread” life. Never let go of hope, even when you fall. You are irreplaceable. So really, what I’m  trying to say is: Don’t overkill on the fleshly stuff, but when it comes to Kingdom stuff, “overachieve” is a mean term for prophetic vision. :p

Maybe, you are the exact opposite of the “overachiever.” Some of you had low expectations for 2014 as you tumbled ungracefully into January 1st with a few bruises to show for it. My prayer is that you would not be a victim of “fate,” but that God’s favor would chase and find you always. If you are not searching for a rainbow, I pray that rainbow finds you, because God certainly has huge plans for your life this year!

No condemnation. No drastic goals/changes you don’t plan to rely heavily on God for. No “pop a pill” 2014, quick fixes. Small steps to a lifestyle goal or giant leaps depending on God’s plan for your life. 😉 Confide in Him. His grace is bigger than your mountain. He is here in every season.

May we all grow up in God in 2014.

Much love and peace to you.


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