Bathroom Makeover

Over the course of time (one year + some)) we’ve lived in this house, my hubby and I have slowly given it makeovers and face lifts as we could afford it. The house is old, and not superior quality, so there’s always the tension between wanting to make it beautiful but not wanting to spend more than it’s worth if the skeleton and layout is lacking.

One tiny section of it actually started out as a store, then was added on to multiple times. With that in mine, it has a somewhat funny layout, complete with plenty of “old house” quirks and uneven surfaces of all kinds, designed to drive a carpenter husband crazy, πŸ˜‰ but for a relatively small house, there’s a lot of space. (bedrooms excluded)

I’ve worked hard to take away the “70s effect,” but I realize there’s only so much I can do. (paneling is a beast in these modern decor times. :)) I do love my little home; I love letting it reflect who we are. Worship is the biggest key in setting a home environment, but a little paint goes a long way too. πŸ™‚

So far, we’ve stuck pretty faithfully to paint, replacing a few outdated fixtures, and in general giving it a more modern look without redoing everything. Trust me, paint covers a lot!

Today,Β here’s a peak at some before and after shots of the biggest restroom in our house.

A panoramic iphone shot. BEFORE:

iphone Dec. and Jan 333 iphone Dec. and Jan 334


You can see the wallpaper, pink tinted cabinets, laminate counter, and tan, faux, tile backslash. Not my style. πŸ™‚

iphone Dec. and Jan 349

The only “behind the toilet” shot I could find was a mirror pic of myself knee deep in sander’s dust.

iphone Dec. and Jan 350

The tub area. You can also see the tan linoleum. Oh, and there were two layers of wallpaper.

After weeks of sweat and a few tears on my part, here is the AFTER:


Yep, that’s my head in the mirror.


This photo gives the wall a pink tint, but I assure you, it is pure gray in real life.

Come in and close the door.


The wall, the door, and the tile were all repainted. The toilet roll holder was replaced as well.


We debated removing the old, exposed lights on either side of the mirror. New lighting would be nice, but cost adds up, unfortunately. (And I was getting pretty tired of the project dragging on.) I wanted to to limit expenses to paint and flooring as much as possible, so we opted to embrace the old flair. I think it actually adds character to the new look.

Speaking of flooring.


This is floating floor we bought on sale at Home Depot. My husband did that part. Easy to install, and totally revamps the feel and style of a room. This is my favorite floor in the house. We joked about eating a fancy dinner in the new bathroom, since it’s now the most modern room in the house. πŸ™‚ Hasn’t happened yet.

Accent rug courtesy of Dollar General. El Cheapo.

Let’s talk about the counter. Bland laminate counter top was not very pretty to look at. We checked into new laminate.Β The odd measurements (the cabinets are homemade) jacked the price of a brand new counter top to $300. Nope.

So we bought a laminate counter top transformation kit. We probably could have got it cheaper, but the total counter top makeover was around $100 I believe. It was worth it though. It looks brand new. The odd splices are covered up nicely, and if I didn’t know better, first glance would convince me it’s solid granite.

There was prep, of course, then a black base coat, followed by the messy process of applying the speckles onto wet paint with a “seeder.” (From the days of seeding grass. Sorry for my weak remodeling terminology.) The speckles are sanded smooth with a sanding tool. We cleaned up the loose speckles and dust with the vacuum hose, then applied a clear top coat that sealed the look with shine. I was very pleased with how it turned out.


A bit of caulk to seal the back splash, and things look clean and fresh!


[Details] The soap dispenser was a handmade gift from my sister and perfectly blended with the color theme I chose. Obviously, when I say “handmade,” I mean the dispenser and not the jar. πŸ˜‰

The new faucet was also a Home Depot purchase.


I picked up this jewelry box at a thrift store a few years ago.


Light fixture cover was one of a few treasures I found in the backyard shop when we bought this property. A little cleaning up goes a long way, and hey, the color is perfect!


Vintage necklace from not so vintage Walmart.


The basket was a wedding present and the two white containers were setting in storage until I found a spot for them here.


I had gotten the bathroom wall art from Dollar General a while back. Can you tell Dollar General is a staple, southern shopping mall. πŸ˜‰ Again, the color fit perfectly, and it was cheap.

The bath section is still a little plain, but I’d rather ere in simplicity than clutter. No shower, sadly. We thought about fixing that problem, but then we let it go to avoid running into more expenses. (The only shower in the house is in our tiny master bathroom. We make it work.)

My husband gave the tub a paint makeover with this refresher kitΒ though.Β We used the leftover mixture on the counter sink. Does the job well, but is extremely toxic. When I helped paint our shower with this kit, my eyes started burning so bad I could hardly see, and I started feeling faint and delirious. No joke. I went stumbling (literally) out of the bathroom in search of clean oxygen. So yeah. It’s pretty bad. A mask is advised. πŸ™‚


Bunny trail: to the left of the faucet is my little collection of hotel soaps for guests. I’m funny that way. πŸ™‚ To the right is some amazing, clean (and expensive) body wash my sister bought me for my birthday. Delicious essential oils. I love it. (I have three sisters, and I will mention all three in this post. Guess you’ll never know which one I’m talking about. ha.)

A little note about the walls. I don’t remember paint brand specifics, etc, but I used the tissue paper method for the textured walls. My sister is a DIY wizard, and she has inspired me to try cool projects like this.

I hadn’t planned on a textured wall, but in this old house, surfaces aren’t very level or smooth, even after sanding. The texture saved my walls and covered so many ugly lines, bumps, dips, and nicks that were still visible after prep. I’m so glad I did it; it hid the frustrated, remodeling amateur in me. πŸ™‚


Now my favorite corner: the toilet corner. πŸ™‚ (opposite the tub.)


I don’t ever wish to repeat the hassle of removing the toilet and replacing the toilet to install the floor under it. Messy business. Once back in place, the bolts in the flange were too short to screw the toilet down. One wasted wax ring. A few days without usable toilet. Finally find extra long bolts. Replace. New wax ring. Get toilet screwed down. Toilet intake line leaks. Fix leak. Bolts are too long for plastic covers. Well, at least toilet works. Later: buy saw to cut the bolts to size. Replace plastic covers. Finally done.


*Basket: Walmart. *Decorative plant: Dollar General. The rest of the display pieces we already had before this project.


I thought I’d mention that my husband also completely replaced the plumbing under the sink. No more leaky, duck taped, brittle pipe,poor drainage situations. πŸ™‚ Although it’s not a pretty makeover photo, it was a necessity in redoing the bathroom.

Maybe I’ll take time for more makeover tours in the future. For now, thanks for stopping by!


5 thoughts on “Bathroom Makeover

  1. Love the soap dispenser! I wanted to make one like that. Does your sister have any tips//reccomendations? All in all… the bathroom has flipped seriously! Nice job!


    • I’ll ask her, but I’m sure you can also find tutorials online. She used a foam dispenser for mine. (Stretches regular hand soap much further because you add water for the foam.) I know she also spray painted the lid combination for that bronze look.


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