I’m not a die hard cat fan. I don’t own a cat calender or poster, but I do love me a snugly kitty every once in a while.

I have noticed a white and black neighbor kitty hanging around our house more and more the last few weeks, but apparently, my cat befriending skills are lacking somewhat.

When I open the door, she jumps and runs off, maybe turning back to study me for a few seconds before ambling off. I talk to her, and try to get close, but she’s pretty skittish.

Several nights the other week, I was laying in bed when I heard noises under the house. It sounded like the hungry meow of newborn kittens. It only lasted a few nights, so I’m not sure if it really was babies or if a cat couple has made themselves a part time home under the house. Either way, I’ve been trying to befriend her when I see her.

I scared her again today when I opened the door to head out to the wash line. She sat cautiously by the corner of the house, a safe bolting distance away. I minded my own business, stopping every once n a while to talk kitty talk to her. She responded with meows, but never came closer. When I edged closer, she left.

Later, when I finished taking care of some baby plants in my garden, she was in the carport, so I plopped down for a rest a good distance from her. She settled down for a “one eye open” nap with me. I was touched. I can do a long distance relationship.


I was preoccupied on my phone for a while, and when I looked up, she was gone again. Oh well.

Then I realized I had simply been too busy to notice when she had moved to a spot half the distance from me than her previous spot.


There is hope!

I stayed for a while before moving on. Someday the silly kitty will trust me. I’m sure she already likes me. πŸ™‚

It’s strange to think that spring is only starting for many in the northern states. February and March were my absolute favorite months this year. Ideal weather. (Well, ice storm and cold snaps overlooked.)

While April will bring showers, blossoms, and warmer temps for north eastern states, I can feel summer temperatures and humidity already crowding out the spring air. It’ll hang on for a little longer hopefully. Evenings are still cool when the sun goes down, and the flowers and trees are flowering with all their might.

The vehicles are coated in pollen. Today when I was cleaning the car interior, gusts of wind blew puffs of yellow inside. Talk about a physical battle with nature. πŸ™‚

The bumble bees are in their glory. There is constant buzzing activity around the house, trees, and plants. My husband battled allergies and a head cold for a little over a week, but it’s finally getting better.

The arrival of spring and summer comes with one sadness for me. We live near a swampy area, so every summer, I kiss my my winter legs goodbye. Tan is overrated; I’d be content with white, if I had the option to never see another red welt or scabbed bite on my ankles and legs again. I know, I know, minor world issue.

It is a personal goal to beat this war with the mosquitoes this summer. Last summer, I felt like a prisoner in my own home. Five minutes outside in my garden, and my ankles would be covered in huge welts. The temptation to scratch myself bloody is miserable, so if anyone sees my arms and legs this summer, I don’t have leprosy; I’m simply a walking mosquito buffet. πŸ™‚

I don’t know if God is talking to me more than normal, if I’m just listening well, or if the overflow comes from the living, but I’ve been in a full blown season of creative inspiration the last few weeks. Something comes to me nearly every day, and I love taking a bit to sit and write and process. Writing makes me come alive, especially when it comes from a deep well inside.

Others process through beautiful expressions like music, work, gardening, design, etc. The possibilities are endless. God is manifested in many diverse and beautiful colors.

Tonight my husband helped me with dinner. His tilapia was delicious.

That man is like an experimental wizard in the kitchen. He poured some leftover bacon grease on the string beans when I wasn’t looking.Β When I took a bite, I thought, “Yum, that must have been an exceptional pack of bacon to get this much favor from the bacon bits I used.”

That’s ok though because I pulled a good one on him earlier today. We had a fraud situation with his debit card, so when his new card came today I called him to let him know. When he answered, I responded in a foreign tone. “Halo, Kalub Kanaajy?” (Kanagy has a “G” sound as in “dog,” but people often pronounce it with a “J.” Same with Caleb. Foreign customer service agents usually pronounce Caleb with the “au” sound instead of the long “A.”

As soon as I heard him swallow it, I couldn’t go through with it. I was going to tell him that his card was shipped and should have arrived, but I just had to laugh.

Life is fun, and husbands are awesome. πŸ™‚

I hope your Friday was awesome too.


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