How to make the Holy Spirit cry

I realize a lot of pain and suffering in the world is due to the general snowball effect of a sinful humanity, but there are times when humans are miserable simply because they choose to stay stuck. I am so done with being stuck.

God has not been holding back his goodness.

The LORD is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations. Psalms 100:5

God has not been holding back His mercy.

For you, Lord, are good, and ready to forgive; and plenteous in mercy to all them that call on you. Psalm 86:5

God has not been holding back his inheritance gift.

He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all–how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things? Romans 8:32

A gift comes to its full potential and purpose when it is unwrapped and used.

Any dairy farmers should appreciate this comparison. 🙂

-When a cow becomes pregnant, she is nourishing life, and her body starts producing milk before the calf is even born. She’s pregnant with life. After the pain of birth, and the calf is grown etc, farmers continue milking the cow for the use of the milk. Udders that are left alone when full become sore, irritated, and even infected.

God has given us life. He has poured it out on us, and poured it out lavishly! We are pregnant with purpose. We birth life.We have reaped the fruits of truth and the seeds of His Spirit. The Lord has put a well inside of us that cries out for more of the Lord to come in. We would never lack if we received His fullness.

The milk is pressing. He is full and overflowing. It’s a gift. It’s inside of us. If we ignore it, if we push it away, we become infected. We can’t unknow, what Christ has shown us. We can’t be ungifted with favor unless He takes His Spirit from us. We can’t become unpregnant unless we refuse to nurture the beautiful life inside.

Milk the inheritance of the Lord. Don’t skimp. Don’t push away His most costly gift. Don’t reject Him because the call is too big, too scary, too high maintenance. If we become alive to Him, the crowd fades behind us, and His whisper is all we hear. It’s what we crave, and it’s who we are. Let’s not grieve the precious one by refusing to be in love.

If we had any idea how much pleasure God gets form seeing us dance in His presence, be healed with his love, overcome depression with His joy, be free from addiction by the gift of His righteousness, we would never turn back. Our high call and our pricey inheritance is not a burden; it’s an outpouring of design in the image of Christ: humanity.

Christ has freely given us ALL things. He made us, and He knows He is the only gift that will make us live. He has extended His gift for eternity past and eternity future. But we are in time, and 10 out of 10 run out of it at some point. If we push His gift away day after day saying. “I don’t want it,” we make that time slot smaller and smaller.

King David: Don’t remove your Spirit from me, God!

“In the spiritual, you only have the Holy Spirit and evil spirits. If you take away the Holy One, there is only darkness to fill it. When God removed His Spirit off of Saul, an evil spirit came. David observed Saul for years. He grew up being intimate with God in the field with his sheep. At some point in David’s life, he was in a position to faithfully play his little harp just to calm Saul down in his tormented state.”

When David became a man and was king, he came to understood the grave darkness that would follow if he were without God. When he sinned, unlike Saul, He cried out, “Lord, don’t take your Spirit from me!” No matter how many times David fell, he got up. He is called a man after God’s heart. I propose it is because He did not reject the great gift of Christ that was yet to come. He did not say no to the best gift humanity would ever experience.

“When you’ve been given a place of authority and you reject the gift that the Holy Spirit is giving you, there comes a point where He removes His Spirit.” Not because He wants to, but because we choose it. Without Him, we are devastated in torment and powerlessness.

“Any time I reject His purpose and gift for my life, my reaction is to find comfort in the other kingdom.” Saying no to a life of freedom and my identity as an heir is the biggest mistake I could ever make.

Do not grieve the Holy Spirit.

Christ has an eternal existence. Friends, if you are seated in heaven with Christ, you also have an eternal existence. A human that is not living in eternity will judge primarily by the physical that he can perceive in the boundaries of time. Foresight will be limited by past or present sin of a dead man he perceives to be alive and tamable.

The new covenant can not be perceived merely in time and human comprehension. It requires that we live in a new dimension foreign to the earth. It requires that we die and resurrect with Christ in newness of life to inherit this Kingdom. We become sons of God. A spirit that is only temporarily living in a body is able to judge by the eternal purpose of Christ whose work is finished, whose mercy is renewed in earthly time each day, and whose faithfulness reaches to all generations.

If you truly want to judge a sinner, you can’t judge based on the sin manifested in their flesh, but by the purpose of Christ in them. God doesn’t judge because he sees sin when he looks at you, but because He has a purpose and a gift to give, and mercy can not happen without the receipt of that gift. That is why He shuts the door: because humans have not received the pure judgement of Christ, which is the favor gift of the Groom.

God’s mercy is new every morning, so His Spirit does not go away because His mercy ran out. God does not reject us until we reject Him so many times we grieve the Holy Spirit or earthly time runs out. Period. His door is WIDE open.

The Spirit is not easily offended. He loves and draws the darkest of us, and His patience is doesn’t have a human time limit. Friends, WE slam the open door of God’s unmerited favor shut. Now is the day of salvation!

“The reason judgement comes is not because of someone’s great addiction, but because of their great calling, and the gift is rejected.” God doesn’t enjoy removing His Spirit when it is grieved. His being longs to pour it out, and pour it out He does. Rejection between a child and father has to be the worst pain. I don’t want to reject my Daddy! He’s too beautiful.

We often beg the Holy Spirit to come and give us power. “Why doesn’t God take this pull of the enemy from me?” We fight, we cry, we wrestle. (I’m not suggesting there is no fight in the game.) But I am saying that God has given us a spirit of love, power, and a sound mind through the gift of His suffering.

Perhaps, victory comes not from an occasional dousing of the Spirit’s power, but by receiving the eternal gift of Christ’s righteousness. This eternity will manifest in a mortal body if we receive Him.

Maybe a victorious life comes not from asking the Holy Spirit to disciple our old man (who is a dead carcass) but from receiving the finished righteousness of Christ. Just say thank you. There is rest for the weary. His yoke is easy, and His burden is light!

We are not alive to sin. That man is dead. The angel already sat on that tombstone. Christ didn’t just walk through the stone. The angel rolled it away and sat on it, so all could see the empty tomb. We have the same opportunity in this life!

Guys, your sin is not a part of of you. Stop wresting with a dead guy. You stink because you don’t know you are alive! We died with Christ, and we are risen with Christ. He has done it all. The stench will leave when we get up, receive, and hang out in the bedroom with our new Bridegroom who is alive to us and in whom we have life.

God’s judgement is not in opposition to His mercy and grace.

His Spirit is here. He is here so we can receive fullness. I want Him. I need Him.

Take Him. Take Him all!

Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent. I have brought you glory on earth by finishing the work you gave me to do.


P.S. This post was graced by a few quotes from my studly husband. 🙂


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