Charleston Day Trip 7-26-14

In our first year of marriage, we ran away to the coast all the time. I don’t regret it at all, but in year two, I guess lived more intentionally towards financial goals, while still enjoying life.

We took my family to Charleston in March, but besides that, the year went by without a coastal trip. We told ourselves we had to go at least once this summer. 

So on our 1 year & 9 month anniversary we packed up for a day trip. Here are a few iPhone shots of our day.


First the beach. Maybe I’m getting old, but in the course of our beach side bumming I told the man, “I can’t believe we did this all the time last year. This sucks!” 😀 I guess I’m not used to the intense humidity and wind mutilating my hair or the salty air and salt water making me feel tacky for the rest of the day.

I will always love digging my toes in wet sand though. 

The ocean was my favorite part. Water temperature was perfect, and the waves were glassy smooth out past the breaking point. It was so relaxing floating up and down with the swell of the ocean. Floating in the arms of a husband adds to the relaxation factor. 

I’ll always remember the time we floated for what seemed like hours. That trip, we found and picked up at least 5 beautiful sand dollars with our toes. One of my favorite memories.

After the beach, I was famished. We ate at The Black Bean Co. for the first time. I loved it. It’s basically a sit in (and take out) fast food restaurant for clean eaters. 


My squishy waiting on his food. I think that name happened after we watched Finding Nemo. Kids forever. He is quite solid, however.


Check out the neat pulley system that’s rigged to their fans. 🙂


Our burritos + sides

Somewhere in the course of the day, we made a stop at my husbands favorite sea shack restaurant for his coastal food fix as well. 🙂 He also made time for my Chipotle fix. Marriage is cool like that.



IMG_9670[1]That moment you realize driving on a cobblestone street isn’t as fun as it looks. 🙂


After eating, we walked to the battery to enjoy the waterfront and watch the sailboats. 


Rocky beauty



I love this photo. City on one side and ocean on the other with the dark stormy sky arch overhead. 


Windy selfie.

The sun was shining brightly while our backdrop was stormy.

It was sprinkling rain, but thankfully we never got very wet. 

Then on to the park. 

This bench inspired me.




We got to watch a wedding happening by the pavilion while we relaxed on our blanket under the giant oaks. 




I’ll always treasure our adventures.


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