Who Are You?

Just as my sins, failures, and weaknesses don’t get tacked to my identity, neither do my works, accomplishments, and strengths create my identity. Neither are capable of bringing security.

My accomplishments and failures are not reliable. Both are incredibly unstable welcome signs over my door. I can cause either one to rise or fall in an instant. The minute I place my identity in what I have accomplished or even what Christ has accomplished through me, Satan gives me an occasion to sin. If I take it, my identity immediately crumbles because I was placing security in my accomplishments.

My only hope of finding who I am is accepting the identity that Christ has handed me, aside from my failures OR attributes. I am not defined by what I do. I am defined by what HE did. My identity is not in who I think Brenda is. My identity lies in Who Christ is.

We spend so much of our time dwelling in our souls. We create a “soulish” Christianity instead responding to all things physical by the Spirit of God. Christianity is “spiritual.” God in man. It operates from heaven to earth, not earth to heaven. Any other version of Christianity is operating on a human level, and such a religion has no need for a Power greater then what lies in a man.

Just because something is not visible to human eyes, doesn’t mean it’s not truth and already existing. Maybe that’s why we should start begging God to give us His heart and His eyes so we stop operating on a human level, but in heavenly places where there are mysteries and revelation unheard of in the minds of men.

What would happen if we would begin asking Jesus to give us His heart? What would happen if we would stop forming opinions about people, scripture, church, God, etc. from a human, “soulish,” standpoint?

What would happen if we would look into our God mirrors, and say “God what do you see?” Even if there is no evidence, could we, by faith, be able to claim it as truth, as if it were already visible to our human eyes?

God is not confined to our small mind space. He is vast and beyond all understanding.

I want to welcome Him. I don’t want to offer my love, my devotion, or my life under a condition. If I surrender all, He gives freely. If I release my fear and doubt, what a release of glory is bound to rush in. I bet Jesus gets all excited and tells the angels, “Look! My daughter over there is giving up everything, her hangups, her fear, her desires…everything! So few like her, yet she takes the leap of faith. I will catch her. I am going to give her gifts freely! I will reward her for her faith! I am a Father, and I give good gifts to my children.”

I no longer wish to remain on a human level. If God had called us to the possible, why would we have any need of Him? It’s when He calls us to the impossible, that He makes the impossible…possible.

I’m sure you all spent some time in front of your natural mirror today, and all of us are lacking there. Take a look into your God mirror instead. Oh, what glory you will see!

Do you even know who you are? You know your body, but more then likely, many of you are completely unfamiliar with who you are apart from your likes and dislikes and physical makeup. Do you know that the King of Kings knows you better than you know yourself. He made you! He knows every inch of His handiwork better then you do. Have you ever asked Him what He sees?

You are not the clothes you wear, the family you’re born into, the past you’ve survived, the pain you’ve walked through, the body type you have, and most of all, you are not who you try to make yourself. In short, you are not who you think you are!

When everything is taken away from you, even when your physical body is gone, and all that’s left is your spirit, who are you?

Do you understand why God must be saddened when He sees His children living so much of their lives consumed with everything except what defines them? When they take the meat of a truth and replace it with a preference and tack “DOCTRINE” over it to make people grab it. When they strain at a gnat and swallow a camel… When they ditch the supernatural when it makes them uncomfortable, and explain it away through lengthy teachings. When they drag all of their ideas of themselves, their views and opinions into their Christianity instead of being entangled with the Presence of God, so minds can be renewed…

We miss the point. We miss the surrender. We miss the cause. We miss the glory.

Don’t you see? We have humanized Christianity and made it “possible.” Operating on that level of ignorance states no need for God. No wonder the so much of the professing church is powerless. Nothing about God is “possible,” and until we recognize this, we won’t be empowered to do the impossible we are called to do.

We are not human beings living a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings living a human experience! Do we even know what God is saying to us? Do we know who we are? I know it seems juvenile, but it’s a start!  How do we expect our children to claim nations for God if we don’t even know what God says about us? Change starts in the mind. Nothing we do will continue for the glory of God if it’s not passed to the next generation.

Everyone has to start somewhere. It usually starts with a choice.

[written in 2011]


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