To Find Yourself

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I risk appearing theologically incorrect to say that finding oneself is to be found in the image of Christ.

(Yes, I get that we have a flesh, but that guy is dead so stop trying to crucify him. Your spirit is alive to Christ.)

Who is your true self? In the beginning, who were you? In eternity, who are you?

Were you not in Christ? If I was lost, I am now found in Him again! I am now myself because I have found myself in His eyes!

We all have His DNA in our veins. Our identity is widely misunderstood to be self sufficient, but those who are baptized into Jesus and are being transformed by the renewing of minds are learning that life is a process of going back to Heaven’s design and being known by God, our Love.

Within the conservative religious culture there is a dramatic aversion to phrases like “follow your heart,” or “find yourself.” I get it. I really do. I get that these phrases are used by people who don’t yet know the fulfillment of Jesus, but it annoys me when people feel the need to throw a bucket of cold water on the heads of soul searching humans.

There is an unspoken fear that if we fail to bash selfie culture over the head with “Die, flesh, die!” speeches, we are condoning the sinful lifestyles that follow. Fear much? Since when did the gospel become talk instead of walk?

Sure, phrases like, “Look to yourself” may mean self gratification with every disturbing intention for some, but I prefer to be thickly buttered in grace so that those I come in contact with will not be abraded with my corrections and good intentions.

Wait, do you feel abrasion right now? Grace, Lord. 🙂

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Your prophetic agreement to a reality people verbalize, yet still do not understand may be the key that unlocks their door to the creator DNA in their veins.

So yes, selfish soul, I hope you find yourself, because when you do, you will see the glorious Creator in your created eyes. It may be your first introduction. When you find yourself, you will be found in Him.

If you don’t know yourself in Him yet, I pray for you as if you already do. Because I know you will find Him.

A reminder to myself stop being so uptight about political correctness. It is better to look deeply into the heart with a gracious and renewed mind than to listen with the intention of replying with correction.

It’s good to study, to understand, and to be enlightened with specifics, but when dealing in relationships, it is crucial to be more concerned about what’s really happening in the heart.

And for Heaven’s sake, (literally) find it in yourself to see the diamond instead of the roughness. Taste and see what God is doing, and get behind it in heavenly places with all your might.

I love this Michelangelo quote:

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”

May we all catch the vision. Peace!


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