Cat Drama+Santa Generator+YL oil+more=TUESDAY

In previous posts, I mentioned the drama my stray cats have brought on my head. Well, the drama continues. Sorry if you are tired of it. I am too!

The kittens are in the stage where they are nearly grown and their mama is rejecting them. I’m not sure if this is simply because she is weaning them like any mother would or because she is pregnant like I suspect.

Whatever the case, mama is testy, consistently growling at her offspring and keeping them at a distance. Their drama is getting super annoying.

Today, I was sure a cat was being murdered. “Yeeeeeeeeeeoooooooooooooooowwwwww. YEEEOW! HISSS. YEEOOOOWWWW!!!”

Every time I run to the window to see what’s happening, the drama is nearly over. Today, I got there just in time to see a brand new, white, fur ball disappearing around the corner at the prompting of the hissing, yowling mom who thinks she owns this perimeter.

Excuse me, this is my house, you feline!

In the beginning, it was compassion for one, the pregnant stray. But compassion usually multiplies, and it has, quite literally.

First, I fed the nursing mom scraps. You need the extra carbs. 

Now: Scraps for you, weaned kittens, and no more for you, fat, pregnant cat. Why are you doing this again?

Oh, the struggle.

My husband is putting his foot down, and I think he is probably right. From now on I need to let them fight it out on the slop pile instead of on the porch. I started the porch tradition because I could ration the portions fairly, opposed to survival of the fittest at the slop pile. I believe in justice for all.

My compassion makes my life complicated. Sure, it was fine for a while, but now that the kittens are hungrier than normal, I nearly get attacked when I open my front door. Today, when I opened the door with scraps, the runt of the bunch jumped at my toes for a snack. Not cool, runty, not cool.

Wait a minute. This is my house, and I set the boundaries. Get away, you evil cats. But oh, you’re so cute. Have some chicken bones. 

My husband gladly points out my inconsistencies. 😀

At lunch time, I’ve been keeping the front door open while we eat to let the cool air in. Well, that isn’t a pleasant experience when the cats smell the food inside and a few of the small ones literally start climbing up the screen until I chase them away. I’m not sure why they thought that was such a grand scheme. Desperate measures for desperate times I guess.

Today, I just closed the door for some peace and quiet time with my husband. No one wants to hear pitiful meows and fingernail-on-chalkboard scratching.

They are getting bolder and bolder in their hungry pursuits. Last week, a kitten slipped into the house when hubby opened the door, then ran terrorized from room to room, trying to find escape from the strange new world. First, a little slip and slide on the linoleum, then a straight line through the doorway when she spotted her exit. Hopefully she won’t try it again.

Enough of that.

It’s only October, but there are already Christmas decorations in stores! Say whaaaat? Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, but this year it’s reminding me just how fast 2014 is going. I feel like I just celebrated Christmas with my family a few months ago, but apparently not.

My family didn’t get a chance to exchange names for Christmas while we were together, so this year we used an online Secret Santa Generator. You can create a wishlist, complete with links and everything.

The old fashioned way usually takes a few tries anyways because someone often ends up with their own name. Some things are more fun the old fashioned way, but I must say, the online generator is pretty convenient. You can even exclude certain drawing combinations. I set it so couples couldn’t draw their spouse’s name. You don’t have that luxury when you pass the hat.

One thing on my wish list is a Young Living essential oil. (I promise this is not a hint for whoever has my name.) I love these quality oils, but I only buy them for special occasions because of the cost. I love researching the health benefits of the different oils/combinations. I have three basic oils, but I want to grow my collection with time.

YL oils are not just for topical use. I’ve started a habit of drinking strong, hot tea to warm myself up in the mornings, and a few drops of lemon oil adds the perfect flavor. Plus, it’s great for my tummy. I’m drinking tea right now, as a matter of fact.

I use peppermint oil (diluted with olive or coconut oil) for headaches or swollen muscles and joints. It has a numbing effect similar to bio-freeze, and I love the fact that there are no harmful chemicals involved in the pain relief.

I use lavender oil on my necklace diffuser, as a perfume, or if I’m stressed, sometimes I just sit there inhaling the bottle. 🙂 God gave us such incredible medicinal plants to utilize on the earth.

I often get stuck in repetitious ruts when it comes to cooking, but every once in a while I add something new to my weekly stock. It’s been ages since I bought fresh mushrooms, but the past two weeks I’ve been using them up.

My go-to meal lately has been grilled veggie kabobs + a meat. Last night, I added cubed venison to the veggie medley, and that was a complete meal for me and my baby. Kabobs for my Cabob. 🙂

Also, Adobe seasoning is a perfect, easy flavor for veggies, or meat for that matter. It’s MSG free too. Bonus point. Our friends from New York introduced it to us when they grilled veggies for us earlier this year. 

photo (13)

Of course, I used mushrooms for the kabobs, and tonight I’m using them as a topping on my Trim Healthy Mama Fooled Ya Pizza. You wouldn’t know it’s cauliflower. I made a similar recipe for my family in Pennsylvania this last trip, so I’m getting better at it. Yum.

photo (10)

While I’m going on about everyday details, today I washed and shined our outdoor grill. It was a wedding present from my hubby’s side of the family, so I try to keep it nice, but gee whiz, those things are a pain to keep clean and rust free.

I also cleaned both bathrooms, and was reminded why I loathe it. Somehow scum manages to build up on showers and around old faucet fixtures, and I always put off treating it. A vinegar soak once did the trick around a faucet, but I haven’t tried it on the shower. I hate harsh chemical cleaners, but I used used some today.

The harsh stuff always dries out my hands and irritates the eczema on my one finger. Talk about annoying. I research it, and it seems to be pretty common, but very hard to treat. It’s not very noticeable or painful unless it cracks and bleeds, but that usually only happens in the winter. I’ve had it for several years now, but it never completely goes away. I remember the best it ever got was on our honeymoon in Dominican Republic two years ago. The intense humidity must have kept it from drying out.

I’ve been thinking about getting a daily shower cleaner. (One that gets sprayed on during or after showers.) I wonder if that would keep shower cleaning from being such a drudgery.

Any natural cleaner recommendations?

While we’re on the subject of rashes, the week of my sister’s wedding, I got in contact with a white caterpillar. It looked like the caterpillar in this link. I started getting itchy, but couldn’t find the source during the afternoon. That evening, I spotted the fuzzy thing on my pants and nearly had a heart attack screaming at my mom to get it off of me. I think I had been rubbing it all over myself for hours before I found it.

For the next week, I had an extremely itchy, irritated rash on my stomach, thigh, and arm. I liken the sensation to having fiberglass particles embedded in your skin combined with the itch. Awful. My sister lent me a really good ointment that helped. By the time I got home, it was nearly gone. Now I will not feel sorry for squashing caterpillars crossing the road. I may or may not have swerved to miss a caterpillar at one point in my life.

The one time I actually hit a rodent, I braked, but not hard enough. It was a slow mo scene as I calmly “thunked” into the animal. Bad move. Now my victim was probably painfully lame instead of obliviously deceased.

This weekend, we ended up traipsing through Home Depot because my hubby needed some tools for work. I found this random plunger and couldn’t help wondering what kind of person would ever use a plunger with such a short handle? Yeah. Anyways. Maybe I’m missing something. Don’t ask me why I modeled with it; it was just too interesting to pass up.

photo (11)

Brown is a tricky color for me to wear. I’m always afraid anything paired with it will look like puke. Yellow, green, black, gray, etc. I’m pretty adventurous with other styles, but plain Jane brown pants only come out of my closet one a year or so. I documented the annual. event.

photo (12)

My hubby spent his Sunday morning in a tree stand. I thought that was rather awesome. Man, God, and nature.

We had the pleasure of eating Sunday lunch with friends from NC later. I don’t have a pic to show for it though. We love the Weaver tribe. 🙂

My fortune cookie quote: There is no reference for beauty.

I love the idea that beauty has many faces, but I just realized that there is a Reference, and He is everywhere in all shades of color. He is glorious, and I haven’t even seen His face yet.

Little Kyla’s quote that she gifted me with: To know oneself, one must assert oneself. We smiled over that one. 🙂

I’ve been on a blogging roll lately. It’s an amazing feeling to write with ease for a change. Hopefully my rambling isn’t too tedious for reading. Even if no one else enjoys, I will love reading back over my life highlights a.k.a. this blog in five years. Happy Tuesday!


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