Fall Evenings

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These fall evenings have been relaxing. My husband is often out in his shop working on one project or another. I’m excited to see the finished result of something he’s been working on for the house.

I’ve been writing a lot in the evenings, which is probably more profitable than watching a show. I’ve watched all the Downton Abbey episodes I can, so I’ve been pretty industrious without Amazon instant video calling me to go back a hundred years. :p

I do love a good show. Side note: I should love it immensely if producers could find it in themselves to avoid killing off the main characters. Bloody madness! What? I always talk like a Brit from 1920. Duh. I was made for flapper days. Not really, but I do love history put to screen.

photo 2

Sometimes if my I skipped morning tea, I make it happen in the evening. I know, drinking tea sounds so old fashioned, but it’s growing on me. I still like my coffee. I’ve discovered tea is a good way to curb false hunger cravings. Evening cravings kill me, but usually I want to eat for fun, not because I’m hungry.

The fall weather has me hurrying to finish some projects before winter. You know, the things that don’t get done a lot: ceiling fans, the washer drum, outdoor grill, the stove, closets, cleaning out the garden, etc.

Yesterday, I got most of the house sparkly. There’s something magical about multiple rooms being tidy and fresh at the same time. I even burned some vanilla candles because I know my hubby likes that sort of thing.

photo 1 (2)

After a hard day at work, coming home to a fresh house can set a man’s world right. Technically, it’s the wife he comes home to, but a clean house can be an extension of that. Occasionally. :p

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Believe it or not, in this relationship, my husband is the first to light candles and fluff pillows before we have guests. He is honestly more of a germ freak than I am. Salmonella freak outs (see Mom’s Night Out) are more in his arena than mine.

My guy is pretty domestic. I think it has a lot to do with the way his mama raised him. His domestic skills made his bachelor years living alone a little less “man-cave like.”  He bought furniture, dishes, utensils, and household items for himself. Plus, he knew his way around the kitchen, and he definitely knew how to clean.

It was extremely convenient when we got married. I basically had to move in and let my feminine aura beautify the space + pick up responsibilities to free up my man’s.

I love being married to a man who can vacuum carpets and make dinner. It’s sexy. 🙂 It took me a while to understand that his willingness to contribute domestically wasn’t a bad reflection on my performance, but a manifestation of character on his part. What great legacy to pass on to future little boys.

photo 3 (2)

A good reminder that relationship isn’t about performance, but team work and mutual honor for the other. Meshing two lives isn’t a breeze, but where there is love, there is happiness.

Lunch awaits. Have a  happy Thursday. Don’t let hump day (Wednesday) convince you the rest of the week has to be a drag.

My favorite Michelangelo quote: I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. 

May all your menial tasks be happy and the stuff of freed angels. 😉


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