Two Year Anniversary


Two years sounds like a long time, but when referring to happy days, it always seems so short. We had our extravagant celebration in D.C. earlier this month, so we kept the actual anniversary day pretty simple. It was definitely unique, I’ll say that.

I made a guilt free, paleo chocolate cake the day before. This recipe is my favorite, but I only make it on special occasions because of ingredients like almond flour that are pricier than other paleo options. Coconut flour, for example.

(Almond flour, coconut milk, raw cacao powder, and coconut sugar are such fun treats. Every once in a Saturday morning breakfast, we indulge in this chocolate waffle recipe. Yum.)

I was low on a few of the ingredients, so I just made a half batch. It was a simple, one layer affair but incredibly delicious. I used the same recipe for Caleb’s birthday, except that time I did the two layers, plus the middle layer ganache.

I’ve tried other chocolate cake recipes that I like, but the ones made with beans have gassy results after the yum. We refer to it as the “gas free/healthy enough to eat for breakfast” recipe. And we did eat it for breakfast on our anniversary morning. Well breakfast dessert, that is. 🙂

I prefer to use maple syrup instead of honey for pretty much everything, (including this cake) because it’s low glycemic. (slow insulin rise) I chunk out a 50 dollar bill for a gallon of the pure stuff and try to make it last for a long time.

We spent Saturday evening around a camp fire with cousins and uncles and aunts, but I whipped up the icing when we got home.

It all worked out nicely. My hubby passed out on the couch, and it gave me the chance to finish icing the cake without him discovering it until morning.


Moving past the cake… It was just. so. good.

My husband dragged me out of bed at 5 am to go hunting with him, then felt like a bad husband when we didn’t see anything. To be fair, he didn’t drag me, and I wanted to go with him. 😉

photo 3 (3)photo (15)

I can’t say I’m a good hunting partner though. For the first hour, I had a blanket over my head trying to stay warm and fighting sleep before daylight. Technically, I was trying to give in to sleep, but sitting up isn’t the greatest position for sleeping.

I think I was the noisiest hunting partner too. Once, my foot scraped across the sandy floor, and I jolted awake, whispering my apology. After a few hours of trying to be quiet and simultaneously trying to stay warm, bits of my sanity started shedding.

When there are no deer to be seen anyways, you might as well sigh loudly or mimic a bird and then get red in the face stifling laughter. I thought I fit right in with nature sounds, but apparently not. I did make my bummed husband laugh though. Points for that.

photo 2 (3)

(Excuse the morning faces)

Of course I had to try out my husbands deer call too. The first time was professional, but when we were getting ready to leave, I gave it everything I had, and the result sounded more like a dying cow than a deer grunt. What can I say?

We didn’t see anything except two foxes, but we definitely made a memory.

photo 4 (2)

Morning is stunning, even if it comes too early. 😉

The rest of the morning and afternoon was relaxing. We actually fell asleep after a late breakfast. I was in the middle of getting my hubby hooked on Downton Abbey, when our wifi stopped working. While watching the player buffering on the screen, we fell fast asleep and didn’t wake up until a few hours later. Going to bed late and getting up early caught up with us I guess. I think we will never forget our funny two year anniversary.


We went out for sushi in the evening, but first, we stopped at the church where we got married to be sentimental and snap a few pics. The cotton fields are beautiful right now, and the whole scene brought back a flood of memories. It was weird to be wearing the same bracelet in the same spot we took photos two years ago.


photo (14)

Above: on our way to the restaurant with my engagement ring+wedding band, new dress, and my wedding bracelet. Sometimes it’s ok to be giddy. I was happy.

Sushi was amazing. For all you local sushi lovers, definitely check out Red Bowl in Aiken. Our chiropractor recommended it to us, and we have loved it ever since.

Sushi is pricey, but Red Bowl has half priced sushi at happy hour (3-6:30) seven days a week. You can’t beat getting anywhere from 6 to 20 dollar sushi plates for half price. We got three plates of sushi last night, plus a shared entree for $31 last night. Steal deal!

After picking up some groceries for the week, we headed home. Sometimes the simple days are the best days.


I feel so honored to have spent two years with my best friend, and any more time we have together is the greatest gift. I love my Caleb.



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