Hope That Will Not Dissapoint

2012 and 2013 2082“Have hope,” they say.

But when bad things happen and pain is felt, humans feel as if hope was a lie. Why hope for anything ever again if we can’t be certain of the future?

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. Proverbs 13:12

Hope, as the world knows it, has to do with a wish.

I hope a.k.a. I wish that my circumstances will change.

In my life, I find that hopelessness accompanies an orphan spirit.

My dreams will never come true.

Those feelings often stem back to the sense that God has left us. When I am an orphan, I feel abandoned and consequently unlucky.

As I step deeper into this adoption process every day, the orphan layers began to peel off, and son-ship light takes it’s place. The character of the Father embeds itself in my soul.

This adoption spirit doesn’t flit in and out depending on circumstances. This adoption is the premise on which I can deal with every circumstance. Because I am always loved and favored in heaven, I am always loved and favored on earth.

Biblical hope has less to do with circumstance, which is subject to change, and more to do with that which is secure and unchanging- the faithfulness of Christ.

In Christ, I understand hope differently than I used to.

Hope is not an inactive wish. It’s a living, breathing umbilical cord/ blood line from mortal, developing human to the perfect heart source of the Father. (The Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End)

Our hope is a living reality grounded in the kingdom of Heaven, beyond what is comprehended in the womb of growth and transformation.

When we have hope, we don’t talk of a human wish for a better outcome, we talk of a divine umbilical cord, directly linking us to the One who designed Heaven, and whose eternity entwines with our lifespan on earth.

Such a beautiful Father seeks to grow eternity in us to where we no longer see with eyes of wishes and earthly outcomes, but of divine influence encompassing our humanity- heavens heart on earth.

God doesn’t disappoint Himself. When we are in Him, hope can never disappoint us.

Hope is something I can bank on because my hope is in the faithful Christ, who has made all provision for me!

In the journey of becoming secure in His faithfulness, we begin to grow a character of faithfulness ourselves.

I love the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the Bible, particularly their response to the king when he ordered them to be burned in the furnace after they refused to worship him.

Paraphrase: “Our God will deliver us.” Period. (Banked hope) Wait for it: “But even if He doesn’t, we still won’t bow down to your idol.”

Think of it, they had no way of being certain of their circumstance in that moment. In fact, the chances of death being the outcome of their situation was probably looming in their minds. However, they knew fully that God would make a way for them. But beyond that, even if if He didn’t, they would still be faithful.

They had hope with character. They had confidence the faithfulness of the Father, but they weren’t banking their faithfulness to Him on a favorable outcome.

I want God to be impressed by my love. I don’t say that to sound dedicated; I say it because He deserves it.

I want Him to know that my hope is banked on our friendship, rather than my agenda.

Of course, when I behold His friendship, I understand the depths of His love and favor towards my circumstances, and that favor manifests on the earth. But I want hope with character, beyond the reliance of an adopted child. I want hope with the character and the devotion of a lover.

He is good. He is so much better than we comprehend.


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