october iphone 025

You can find part 1 here.

I mostly relied on my iphone to capture memories during my stay in Pennsylvania. It’s low maintenance and perfect for on the go snapshots. I do wish I would pull out my canon more often though.

I’ll just dive right into the photos:

october iphone 056

Lots of special times helping my little brother with his homework in the evenings…

I miss it now.

Perfect opportunity for a cup of coffee after dinner too.

Below is the proof that I made a delicious pizza dinner for my family. One was a whole wheat, cheese stuffed crust, and the other was cauliflower. (Trim Healthy Mama friendly) Both were amazing, and I don’t mind saying so.

october iphone 004

My husband hadn’t joined me yet, but that night was still fun. The fall weather was still lovely to enjoy eating outdoors.

october iphone 014

october iphone 007

The two smallest offspring chatting. Kyler and Karissa are too cute for words.

They both bring so much happiness to my auntie heart. Their chub begs to be hugged.

They are both over the one year mark now. They grow out of the infant stage so fast!

Note, Kyler’s “dirt magnet” shirt.

october iphone 017

october iphone 018

Below is a rare sibling selfie.

october iphone 012

More Kyler selfies!

october iphone 058

october iphone 037

october iphone 077

My sister Beth with her cargo aka her baby girl. Ha.

I only snapped a few pics of the day my mom and sister’s cleaned my engaged sister’s house.

Below is my other sister Di, with her baby.

october iphone 062

october iphone 080

And the reception tent was up on Wednesday!

october iphone 074

Backyard pizza to feed the crowd in the evening.

october iphone 070

october iphone 069

october iphone 034

I know we have sunsets in South Carolina too, but I saw so many stunning ones in PA this time.


Kyler selfie:

october iphone 083

october iphone 084

october iphone 088

The backyard tent scene.

october iphone 094

And then my best friend showed up at long last.

2 weeks and 3 days to be exact.

I love him. ❤

october iphone 128

october iphone 097

october iphone 106

Wedding prep requires all types of work: even porta pot relocation.

october iphone 110

These twp drove all over the place to find mums for the wedding. It was such a neat miracle how it finally all worked out.

october iphone 113

Below: my sister is a hot mom+ my friend. 🙂

october iphone 1142

october iphone 121 october iphone 079

Two of my favorite babes. You can see some decor happening in the back.

october iphone 123

october iphone 124

And finally, rehearsal. It was cold and rainy but it happened!

James’s and Lori’s rad, sound techy guy/ DJ.

Marcus did a great job!

Below: just me being comfortable in my new hair. A few weeks before the wedding, my stylist gave me a blond ombre.

New is good.

october iphone 122

october iphone 049

october iphone 104

Rare times back at Mom’s house before the crazy rush of wedding festivities.

Below: just practicing our tie tying skills. Ha

october iphone 126

I was so impressed by my little brother’s skills. He found a tutorial on YouTube the morning of the wedding, and the result was a smashing knot.

Below is a blurry selfie.

october iphone 135

october iphone 133

Suited up! 😉

I went with my sister for her early hair appointment. 6 am came too soon, but it worked out.

october iphone 132

october iphone 136

october iphone 145

Look how adorable my nephew, Kameron is in his little outfit.

And then it happened. I’ll add that it was extremely cold and windy. Those little moments of calm and sunshine were heavenly.

october iphone 148

october iphone 153

october iphone 150

cabob's iphone 14 431

One of the giant balloons for their unity ceremony popped. A little unfortunate, but it gave everyone a laugh.

Plus, two become one, right?

The pastor said, “I don’t know which one is flat, but it works!” Ha!

Below: Husband and wife for the first time!

cabob's iphone 14 436

october iphone 154

I mentioned the weather appropriate menu in the previous post. Hot soups and cider hit the spot!

Below: props to my sister, Beth, for organizing and heading up all the work involved in the decor. It turned out beautifully.

october iphone 155

october iphone 174

october iphone 177

The groom with his sister and my friend.

cabob's iphone 14 417

I had to snag this pic of the two siblings having a moment.

Weddings are always an emotional time of change and letting go for the family.

But of happiness too!

Welcome to our family, James. You are a perfect addition. 🙂

You made Lori one happy woman.

october iphone 158

october iphone 166

The kind of exhausted crashing that happens after a huge event= cleanup.

october iphone 179

Nephews have a way of making exhaustion look cute.

The photos below perfectly sum up the Sunday after the wedding. I battled a sinus cold after being in the wind, so it was cozy sweaters, socks, blankets, leftover food, hot tea, family, and Netflix.

october iphone 171

october iphone 170

october iphone 221

Curious baby girl.

october iphone 219

I arranged the leftover wedding flowers into a bouquet for my mom.

Before we headed south, we stopped in at my sister’s house to say goodbye and play with the boys. The pic below is a very rare sighting of man and cat.

october iphone 210

october iphone 212

Poor baby Kyler was teething and fighting a fever while we were there.

cabob's iphone 14 455

cabob's iphone 14 453

Puppy love

Cabob and I got to take a ride on the old family four wheeler. It was the perfect way to get a good dose of colorful fall in the north.

october iphone 190

october iphone 189

cabob's iphone 14 460

october iphone 199

With Kameron.

october iphone 194

cabob's iphone 14 465

cabob's iphone 14 465

october iphone 203

A little windblown maybe. 🙂

october iphone 213

We took Mom and my brother, Jared to Chipotle and Sweet Frog before we left too. Two favorites.

october iphone 223

I thought I packed light, but my shoes said otherwise. I wore every pair except my tall boots not pictured.

Tuesday, we headed to D.C. where our early anniversary vacation began.



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