Foodie Talk-DWTS-Homemade toybox + more FALL ramblings

I believe temps actually dipped into the thirties last weekend and finally convinced us to start our heater. I brought my two giant ferns in from the porch. The next day, I discovered I brought two lizards in with the greenery. Husband to the rescue!

The dry, winter air has seeped into my house, largely do to our propane heat. I always hate the itchiness and the static, so out came the air humidifier to the rescue. It truly makes a big difference. Last year, I was able to avoid lotion without going insane, thanks to the humidifier. (There is nothing like restless, itchy legs, itchy arms, itchy back, itchy head syndrome while trying to sleep) I’ve consistently emptied a gallon of water into the air each day since I started using it again.

photo 3 (4)Fall makes me sad because it means summer is over, but there are good things about every season.

The cold naturally prompts hot soups and drinks which I enjoy.

I don’t like having consistently cold feet, but I’m starting to enjoy cozy sweaters, flannel, long pants, and skirts again.

Below is: the previously mentioned indoor foliage is quite taking over, I’m afraid. There actually is a corner behind that monstrosity. Sorry. Too much Downton Abbey.

photo 5 (5)

Dowager Countess of Grantham aka Lady Violet has the best one liners. Anna, help me do battle with this monstrosity. It looks like a creature from the lost world. (referring to a bouquet.) You’re welcome.


photo link

My husband has been working on a project for the last few months, and the other night it made it’s debut. I am so pleased with my husband’s skills, considering that he used very limited tools.

photo 2 (7)


The lid and trim are from an old pallet. I think they were transformed beautifully.


Believe it or not, between the two of us, we have a lot of childhood toys to store so a toy box implies only that. I liked it so well, I considered replacing our old coffee table with it. I love how it completes the toy corner though, so it stays for now.

photo 4 (4)

Above: a bundled-up-to-hunt-with-my-hubby selfie.

My hubby shot two deer on a solo hunt last week, and we are currently enjoying the meat in our diet.

We ran out of freezer pace, but weren’t enthused about clunking $500+ into a new one on the fly, so we searched for a used one.  It was a good sale, and the seller was great. We didn’t notice a problem until the next day when I discovered the meat still hadn’t frozen. Cooling, but not freezing. We didn’t feel like messing with repairs, so thankfully the seller graciously offered to refund us. He’ll probably get it repaired and resell it himself.

Buying used comes with risks, but sometimes it’s a win. Our current freezer was free, but it’s been going strong for two years without a hitch. You never know. Ah, the tug of war between quality and frugality. 🙂

photo 4 (3)

Above is an un-staged photo of a note my hubby left for me to find when I got up earlier this week. I was rather melted.

What post would be complete without food?

photo 1 (4)Come at me, Saturday! was my thought after inhaling this breakfast treat.

I’ve been taking breakfast to a whole new level these days. On Saturday, it was sauteed peppers, onions, mushrooms, scrambled eggs, bacon, and leftover THM pancakes. The flavor combination was heavenly.

photo 5 (3)

I’m running low on groceries, so I’ve been stretching the contents of my fridge. The last few mornings I made THM crepes and filled them with sauteed peppers, onions, and mushrooms (again) with added spinach and kale,(sauteed) shredded cheese, hot sauce, canned salsa, greek yogurt, and leftover venison burger for protein. Folks, it was delicious I must say.

photo 3 (5)

photo 1 (5)

photo 2 (5)

Fall calls for soup. This is a new favorite I concocted last week. I might post the recipe when I get it together.

photo 3 (7)

I tried pistachios for the first time, thanks to a lovely anniversary gift basket from my in-laws. The other night, I alternated snacking on pistachios and the giant bowlful of pomegranate seeds my hubby retrieved and washed. Don’t worry, I froze most of them.

photo 2 (4)

This is possibly the fourth time I’ve mentioned Downton Abbey on my blog, but hang in there. I am fascinated by period dramas, and Downton hits the spot. This afternoon, I was browsing through 1900s fashion online after watching a few behind the scenes clips of DA. The research and hours of work behind the historical detail is phenomenal and quite accurate compared to my own humble findings.

I love history, but I cant say I wish I was confined to corsets and multiple changes of clothes a day. Who knew dining in one’s own home was such a prestigious ordeal for an Edwardian woman? And men too for that matter. I couldn’t tell you the difference between morning clothes and evening wear, except that the latter is more formal.

This 1900’s Fashion Article was interesting to read.

Speaking of shows, I’ve gotten myself hooked on Dancing with the Stars, possibly mostly because I’m following Sadie Robertson’s success. (Duck Dynasty teen) She’s such a cool, little firecracker, and I love that she put herself out there to be in a competition, yet shes still making a positive impact with her faith. Big respect.

Week nine was full of incredible dances. I was legitimately wowed by at least four of them: Mark and Sadie’s Adam and Eve duo, Derick and Bethany’s Lucy and Ricky duo, Alfonso and Whitneys Batman and Robin duo, Lea and Artem’s Bonnie and Clyde duo, and Janel and Val’s Romeo and Julliet’s duo.

DWTS also reminds me that I can’t dance. Ok, when I say “can’t,” I don’t mean I’m incapable of learning. I didn’t grow up dancing, but I wouldn’t mind getting a dance lesson or two someday. Dance is a beautiful thing.

This week inspired me to try my hand at some Henna looking scribbles.

The results found them self on a package I mailed. I never imagined I’d have three ladies in the post office exclaiming over my “artistic talent” while I responded with things like this: Really, ladies, I found a style to look off of online. I don’t think that counts.

photo 5 (2)

I really wasn’t trying to be vain and ungrateful. Creativity rarely flows out of me in physical art form, so I didn’t think looking off of Henna art for ideas was even legit creativity. “But you didn’t trace it. It was free hand? Well then, that’s amazing!” Well, thank you! Only in the south. 🙂

photo 4 (6)

I hope you all survive hump day. It definitely feels like hump day here. A cup of coffee and a muffin might help with those mid week doldrums. Better yet, a muffin dipped in coffee! You know I did it!


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