A Royal Exchange

Last night, my husband laid his hand on my throbbing head and prayed for relief like he has so many times since November when the evidence of a little human growing in my body first hit me like a tidal wave.

“Jesus, you died for this headache.

That one phrase snowballed a series of thoughts in my mind. I remembered Isaiah 53. “Surely He has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows.”


If Isaiah 53 is true, I am not the first one to feel this pain! Long before I was ever born, He carried the grief and pain and trauma that every human alive would ever experience. I saw Jesus on the cross with an unspeakable burden.

There is no pain on the face of the earth that Jesus has not died for.

I saw myself huddled over the toilet last week, retching my insides out. I saw the cross. He died for this.

When I am rejected and misunderstood, I see the cross. He was rejected first.

When I am filled with pain and grief, I see the cross. He felt it first.

Empathy was not the primary reason He carried our troubles. After death, came resurrection! Death was simply the price for life. It’s a royal exchange. He offers us life- for every situation we have and will ever face!

Imagine if you paid the highest price for a gift that unlocked world’s of mystery and revelation and beauty and healing and restoration. Imagine if the gifted ones shut their eyes to the possibility? What if the gift remained unopened? What if the key remained hidden?

Comparably, like selfish little children, many of us trundle through life, resolved to make it through this mortal life, if by a thin thread of survival, until the trumpet calls us to our end reward. The door to eternal reality in this lifetime remains shut. The gift He paid for remains unopened.

In my heart, I know there have been three main reasons I fall to mediocre tendencies.

1. My eyes have not yet been opened to His glory on the earth. Blind

2. I have seen, yet I have found the price too great to bear. Deceived.

3. I have tasted, yet along the way, my heart became sick from differed hope. Misled.

I am no longer blind to the reality of Yeshua on the earth in my lifetime. One can not unsee, unknow, or unexperience what one has seen, known, and experienced. My sight has made me accountable to a choice.

I no longer believe the price is too great. Burn out happens when I am unable to rest in the finished work.The grace will not be there for the load I am not meant to carry.  For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. -Jesus

I am no longer sick from disappointment. God is not simply loving, wise, truthful, and life giving. God is Love. God is the way. God is the Truth. God is the Life. When my hope lies in the very nature of God and not primarily on a favorable outcome, I can never be disappointed in Him. Like Shadrach Meshach and Abednego before the threat of death, I know, “My God can and will deliver me, but even He doesn’t, I will be faithful to Him.”

All my reservations usually stem from lies. When I know the Truth, I will be made free. When I embrace it- when I put it on like clothes each day, I am not afraid because He is with me!

Restoration and reformation don’t always come how and when we expect it.

Usually, it’s better. 

God operates in an eternal “time zone.” The only reason I even use “time and “eternal” in the same sentence is because mortal minds are so wired by time. His clock is perfect, and if we want to be part of His eternal reign on mortal earth, we have to get in His zone.

Then we will begin to experience the provision that Jesus paid to give us in this lifetime.

If we can simply open the door to let His heart in, the journey can begin. We can begin growing in character and stewardship of the gift.

Then all your people will be righteous
    and they will possess the land forever.
They are the shoot I have planted,
    the work of my hands,
    for the display of my splendor.
 The least of you will become a thousand,
    the smallest a mighty nation.
I am the Lord;
    in its time I will do this swiftly.

Isaiah 60:21-22

When you are sick, when you are broken, when you are disappointed, when you are grieving- in that moment, your pain and trouble is exactly what Jesus died for. He carried it first. Let Him carry it now. We are offered a royal exchange. Give him your trouble, and He will give you LIFE!




2 thoughts on “A Royal Exchange

  1. I’m so sorry that you are feeling sickie, girl! I know you know this, but it is worth it for the little one inside of you…but I truly do hope and pray that you get to feeling good again SOON!


    • Thank you! Rough travel the last few weeks made it so much worse, but I’m actually feeling a lot better at home again. Routine helps. Less nausea and more strength to cook in order to keep nausea away. 🙂
      Very excited for the first trimester to end. You are so right though; it is worth it!


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