OBSESSED [Baby Thrifting + Priorities]

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Somehow I always find myself on this subject. You could say I’m a little obsessed with my baby these days. I am not the mega feminine, gushy type, so when I catch myself rubbing my bump more frequently, (especially when I’m in a crowd and possibly overstimulated and protective ;)) I’m pleasantly surprised by the maternal instincts.

Any lack of bonding in the miserable first trimester will be made up for in the second, I’m pretty sure. I literally can’t stop thinking about him/her. My back is feeling much better this week, and apparently I’ve hit an early nesting phase.

-I go back to smell the freshly washed baby clothes on the line, then walk away muttering, “Cutest thing I have EVER seen.”

-I’ve started clearing out the side room with the moisture damage around the window, getting it ready for a budget friendly makeover. I smile at the thin, painted over paneling walls without being discouraged. It’s a funny mixture of contentment and ambition.

-My mind naturally wonders and plans, especially when I’m feeling well. I know I’ll be thankful for the preparation on the days I feel like a truck hit me.

-My excitement spills over in jumbled chatter. It’s a wonder my husband can make sense of it all, but he likes when I’m having fun.

-I make lists of basic needs on paper, then I browse endlessly online, searching for good deals and adding winners to my registry, partly just to keep everything in one place and keep track of my checklist. There might be some extra fun stuff thrown in there, but I’ve started to favorite the items that are top priority.That cute dress might be fun, but a baby needs a burp cloth and diapers before it even needs a crib.

photo 3 (2)

(My favorite newborn sleeper)

I think it goes without saying that men and women are wired differently when it comes to lists and planning. When my husband contemplates a “to buy” list, his natural tendency is to start “crunching numbers,” as he puts it. His mind immediately thinks how much money he needs to pitch into the baby category to make it happen in less than a year. That tendency is probably the God given provider coming out.

Then there is blissful women who’s tendency is towards nurture and management. Contemplating needs, then creating and organizing lists generally doesn’t produce panic, at least not for me these days. It’s an outlet of dreaming. I don’t mind the formal plan, but I treat the process like a treasure hunt and hold expectations loosely.

I’m a thrifter at heart. Granted there are just some things that are nice or necessary to buy new, but the excitement of finding good quality items at a discount is pretty satisfying.

-A stroller for 20 dollars for example. It was only a slight downgrade from new. No tears, only a few stains near the handles and foot area, and a few scratches near the back wheels. I scrubbed her clean and fresh smelling, and she’s ready to go. I wouldn’t have picked the bright color, but it’s gender neutral, and who says strollers have to be up to fashion par?

-Or the baby bath tub I bought at a community yard sale last summer. It was one of those that doubles as a toddler bath as well. Win!

The baby clothes I’ve collected over the years is paying off now. I sat down to organize everything by sizes for storage the other day, and I was amazed at all I already had.

photo 2 (2)

(Precious, thrifted newborn bottoms)

I have bought a few basics new, and will in the future as well. I just find it rewarding to save money where I can in appropriate areas, especially when it means there is more money for another category that I feel is higher priority.

I’m sure moms all have different priorities, (and there’s no reason to be down on all our differences) but one area I don’t scrape at the bottom of the barrel with money is skin products. In the same way I’ve tried to eliminate as many chemicals and non-wholesome ingredients from my diet as my budget allows, I’m gradually eliminating harmful toxins and chemicals from my bath and skin care products, toothpaste, and cleaners.

Skin is the largest organ in the body, and it doesn’t take long for toxins from lather or lotion to enter your blood stream and tax your internal organs. If those ingredients are not safe to be consumed internally, it makes no sense that they should be considered healthful, much less safe, for your skin.

That’s my personal perspective, so it’s only natural that I plan to care for my baby’s skin with the same respect, even if it’s a little pricey. Baby skin is fresh and even more sensitive than adult skin. That artificial Johnson and Johnson sweet baby scent isn’t that important to me. 😉

Don’t mind me and my baby chatter.

Have a happy Tuesday!


One thought on “OBSESSED [Baby Thrifting + Priorities]

  1. The baby chatter is fun. 🙂 I do a lot of that myself these days! I’m glad you’re feeling better…those first days can be a doozy. And trust me…when you start feeling that little one inside of you kicking + moving around?? THAT is pure magic + makes all the uncomfortableness worth it times a million.


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