Day 2- Nursery Project



Yesterday, all my time in the little room was spent caulking. I finished up the last of the new calk tube this morning. Yes, this old house can easily take up that much in just one room, unfortunately.

This morning, I sanded uneven spots on the walls and filled nail holes smooth. I did as much as I could, but eventually came to a standstill. There is some bigger damage I will let my husband take care of.

At lunch time, Husband moved the last of the storage pieces into the living room so we could pull up the awful orange carpet. The brown floor underneath isn’t much better, but it’s a step closer to fresh, new carpet.

There was an ugly black surprise when we pulled the carpet up by the window area: MOLD. :/ Not good. I have a history with mold influenced sickness, so you could say I have a healthy respect for it. Plus, getting sick from mold while pregnant would be a really bad idea.

My hubby finished rolling the old carpet up and hoisted it straight out the window so there was no chance of mold getting in any other part of the house. Why is he so smart? He’s pretty much my hero.

For right now, the room is empty and ventilated with the door is shut. Maybe it will disappear while I sit here. Eh.

I want to avoid using toxic methods to get rid of it, and I also want to avoid touching or inhaling it if possible. Google to the rescue. I have a few of the natural method ingredients on hand, so hopefully it will work.

In other news, my belly button is softening and starting to invert. One of the milder pregnancy “symptoms,” I think. I discovered that I can turn it completely inside out yesterday. That was a new experience, so of course I had to show my wide eyed husband today. It really is weird! I’ve never been so fat my belly button button went haywire before. 🙂

Baby is growing, and I’m making the most of the time I have before I hit full blown waddle mode.

Happy hump day! Drink some coffee, and it’ll be great. I did. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Day 2- Nursery Project

  1. It’s so fun to see baby updates! This little one is so blessed to have you for a momma, I just know it.
    Yes, do get rid of that mold! Are you familiar with Shoshanna Easling and the Bulk Herb Store? I recently heard her speak, and one of the subjects she addressed was mold. I’m sure if you went onto her website you could find some good information about getting rid of it naturally.
    All the best,


    • Aw, thank you. I hope so! 🙂
      I never heard of her, but thanks for the recommendation! I could only find info on detoxing from mold exposure, but that was very interesting. I think the mold is under control now, thankfully.


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