Baby Daddy

When he takes his pregnant wife fishing to distract and cheer her up, you know he’s a good man. I can’t say how thankful I am for a man who so graciously looks out for me during the miserable life moments. Baby has a good Daddy.

This is what a free therapy session looks like. Nature should be a prescribed treatment.

Vitamin D and fresh air took the edge off the migraine and throbbing muscles. It was incredible to feel the sun warm me from the inside out. I could almost feel the endorphins doing a happy dance in my brain. Vitamin D!
My prenatal blood work in December showed I’m low in vitamin D. You could tell that just by looking at me. Low vitamin D levels really can make a human feel yucky, but I’m on a mission to fix that! I am happy for mild southern winters where the sun doesn’t hide for months on end.

We didn’t even get a bite, but it was worth it. Well, actually, I had to have a bite. Always hungry.

That is what our Saturday afternoon looked like.

Husband burned some scrap wood tonight, and we sat by the raging fire taking in another one of the therapeutic elements. A good ending to a Saturday.

Happy Weekend!


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