I have a lot of journaled thoughts in my head, but somehow the days slip by unrecorded.

The nursery project has been slow. My husband ambitiously took on the task of filling all the paneling cracks. Can you tell we are not fans of paneling? That’s all done now, but unfortunately, we are still knee deep in prep. Prep always takes so long, but I have learned that taking extra time is preferable to being stuck with the results of a rushed job.

Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity, but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty. Proverbs 21:5

I try to keep this verse in mind when I feel like slacking. 😉

We could have spent our Saturday working inside, but it was much to pleasant outdoors. We slept in, had a lazy breakfast and morning, then spent the afternoon working on projects outside.

Sunday was equally lovely. I even picked a few daffodils on our walk. I can’t say I hate southern winter!

Lately, baby planning had me browsing for diaper bags, and that turned out to be a little discouraging.

Is it possible for the words “diaper bag, classy, and affordable” to coexist in the same sentence? Moms usually end up using diaper bags as a purse too, and the idea of stripes and monkeys as a fashion accessory really doesn’t appeal to me.

Seriously, I only have to google the word “diaper bag,” and the results look like a unicorn threw up up. I am so over giant stripes and polka dots and gray chevron and elephants.

So I refine my search, and the price jumps up to 100+ dollars. All of my favorite simple bags are much pricier than I am willing to spend. Any suggestions and recommendations?

Have a good afternoon!


2 thoughts on “2-9-15

  1. I know exactly what you mean about diaper bags… they are so darn ugly. Honestly, I don’t think you need one, just purchase a durable and large purse or tote bag, and organize it with smaller pouches. That’s what I do. I have a big pouch that houses a change of clothes, a few toys and books, food, etc, then another pouch with my personal items, the diapers are wrapped securely in the changing pad and the wipes are in disposable packing. Finally my wallet and either a sippy cup or a bottle of milk are thrown in, and that is my ‘diaper bag’. The bag is still very much my style, and it’s large enough to carry most every thing I need for Carson and myself.


    • I know my sisters never used “real” diaper bags either. Diaper bags are just designed with more pockets and organization so that’s why I wasn’t sure if I wanted to throw everything in a large purse. The pouch thing is a good idea. So far that’s what everyone has told me. Must be the answer! (If I can find a large purse I like. ;))


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