Valentines Week Recap + 18 Weeks

My husband and I made a pact to cross off as many bucket list events and excursions as our budget allows before Baby changes our lives this summer.

In January, we went to a rodeo in GA together. It was nothing like the grand farm show/rodeo combination of my pre-teen years, but we still had fun. I even convinced my husband to buy me an unhealthy hot-dog to make the experience more authentic. It was sanctified. đŸ™‚

Monday of Valentines week, we attended Bethel Worship Nights in Charlotte, NC. It was a packed house, quite literally, but worship was so good. Plus, we unexpectedly met up with some friends, which of course called for a spontaneous hang at ihop. We didn’t get home until 2 am, but we didn’t regret it.

I hit the nursery project pretty hard on Tuesday. I either overdid it or hit an inevitable pregnancy symptom hurdle, because Wednesday morning I woke up with an incredibly painful sinus infection that kept me lying around most of the day. My sad, facebook lament:

Evil germ minions must have been busy pumping my sinuses full of fluid last night. Either that or they were pounding my face with little sledge hammers while I slept. The would explain why my entire face hurts- including my eyeballs and teeth. Then they decided to complete the mission with a postnasal drip resulting in a sore throat- gift wrapped in a fever. How I hate you, sinus infection.
It could always be worse. I’ll take this over puking any day.

I tried to sleep it off, and eventually my fever broke and my temp went down to the low normal for me. I actually ended up puking that evening, but I think I just waited too long to eat dinner. I will be very happy to get through another year without a stomach bug.

The facial pain and sore throat lessened over the next two days, but congestion that won’t drain is incredibly frustrating. My eyes watered, and I probably sneezed 40 times. The sneezing stopped on day 3, and I have never been so happy to blow my nose in the morning- knowing my sinuses are finally draining. I’m able to sleep and breathe much easier.

My husband worked a half day on Valentines Day, but we ate breakfast together before he headed off to the hardwood store to pick up a few things for the nursery project. When he got back, I was wishing him Happy Valentines Day from Baby in squeaky-womb-baby voice when I happened to spot a splash of color on the counter. I was pretty surprised and excited. How well he knows my non-generic tastes

photo 3 (5)

The florist commented on the beautiful/unique arrangement he requested. His response: “That’s my wife.” (Melt) I always smile when florists and hair dressers swoon over the way my husband talks about his wife. đŸ˜‰

All our married Valentine’s Days have been eventful.

#1. He bought me the wide, wall canvas of a city at night that I had been eyeing. It still hangs on my electric blue, kitchen wall.

#2. Our area was recovering from a huge ice storm that left hundreds without power-some for over a week. We had electricity again, so we enjoyed a quiet, romantic dinner at home. We dressed up, lit candles, and indulged in chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. The week ended with a 4.1 earthquake. Interesting to say the least. (You can read that post + photos here.)

#3. Baby on the way. A simple breakfast for dinner feast before we worked on the nursery together. I painted trim while he put two coats on the ceiling. Our electricity went out while we were painting, so we had to finish by the light of headlamps and flashlights. I wouldn’t change it.

Yesterday, I spent all day painting the nursery walls. It’s so fun to finally be at that stage. A coat of paint does wonders. I’m sore today, but I’m so happy with the results. One step at a time!

Today, Baby is 18 weeks! I have felt a few “official” movements. I can’t wait until the sensation is more familiar and obvious.

photo 1 (6)

That hard lump is very obvious when my bladder is full, and I’m lying on my back. Only a few weeks until we know the gender. I’m counting the days!


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