Week 19 Update

photo 4 (4)

Hello, Week 19. I am beyond thrilled to see you because that means my ultrasound is one week away!

In my patient (ok, not so patient) weeks of waiting, I dreamed Baby wouldn’t let us us know the gender at my ultrasound. I won’t let that niggly thought bombard me, but it does happen! I just don’t think I could bear 20 more weeks of not knowing the gender. Nursery planning is neutral so far, but it would definitely make planning easier knowing.

The first trimester felt like death warmed over, but I couldn’t be happier with how the second trimester is going. I have occasional back pain or a migraine, but regular chiropractic adjustments are keeping me feeling surprisingly normal. My body is adjusting nicely for now.

I can honestly say I like being pregnant. There are moments, I complain opposite sentiments, but every morning when I wake up, I remember, and I smile. This Baby feels like a physical manifestation of life God impregnated me with long ago. It’s such a miracle to carry physical human life.

I’m feeling pretty ambitious these days. Sometimes my ambition makes me extra clumsy. I may slam more elbows and stub more little toes than normal, but it’s all good. I’m learning to listen to my body. When my body throws a fit and insists on rest, I listen.

photo (22)

I usually fight itchy, winter skin with my humidifier, hydration, and occasional lotion, but stretching bellies take things to a whole new level.

The other night I was trying to distract my husband from his dental work induced migraine.

Him: “Tell me a story.”

Her: “Once upon a time, a man got me pregnant, and my skin got really itchy. The end.”

He liked my story! Seriously though, the itch is no joke. These three bottles are my winter pregnancy friends and bedside companions. I love the integrity of Earth Mama Angel Baby product ingredients. Worth the price!

photo 1 (7)

I still have some food aversions, and my lack of appetite bugged me for a while because I felt like I was actually eating less than I did pre-pregnancy. 300 extra calories my foot! I try to make up for picky eating by making good on cravings when they do come. Staying fed is a full time job!

For example, I was completely grossed out by the white chicken breast that went in the soup I made for lunch, so I threw together some paleo chocolate chip cookies to make up for it. I forced my way through the soup to get to my heavenly reward. 😉

These cookies were made with almond/coconut flour and coconut sugar/maple syrup. I am thoroughly enjoying my Against All Grain cookbook.

photo 3 (6)

My first trimester revulsion of eggs must be gone because my new favorite food is runny eggs on buttered toast. Whole wheat toast might not be Trim Healthy Mama approved, but the baby wants it soo… 😉

My poor husband hears a lot of “the baby’s” opinions. “The baby thinks I’m right.” All in fun, of course. He throws it right back at me.

Husband has been cooking more lately, and I love it. I call him the breakfast king because his skills satisfy my breakfast cravings. Last night, he whipped this creation up for dinner. The mixture is sausage, carrots, zucchini, onions, and potatoes, and one runny egg for me. 😉

photo 2 (7)

A milestone went down in my week 19 notes. Last night was the first episode of strong Baby kicks. Usually, it’s flutters that don’t last long enough to feel the second time, but last night Baby let Daddy feel several good thumps. (Possibly because I had too much caffeine for one day. Oops.) We are officially melted by Baby.

photo 5 (2)

The child kicks as I type.

What’s your gender vote for Baby’s ultrasound next week? Boy or girl? 🙂


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