Easter Weekend


It was a restful weekend all around. The Saturdays of the last few months have been full of productivity and projects, but when this one rolled around, it was a true weekend. Even making meals and taking trash to the dump felt like far too much work. There was sleeping in, some really good, deep Jesus times together, and breakfast food.


Hubby vamped up our fishing poles for some pond time Saturday afternoon, but we didn’t catch a thing. It was pleasant though.


We didn’t go to an Easter service this weekend, but I loved our Sunday. I recently downloaded a bunch of new worship music, and our sound system played beautiful melodies while we brunched and drank coffee and soaked up the beautiful day.

I had an itch to put together a little nature Resurrection scene this weekend, but it never happened. Why? Because when my husband cautiously guided me through the brushy, southern forest in search of green moss, we came across a snake instead. Thankfully, we spotted it before we stepped on it, but neither one of felt very “one with nature” after seeing a possibly poisonous snake puff up and recoil when disturbed. 🙂

After discussing in detail our dislike of snakes, we decided to go sit by a public river edge for some sun and nature therapy while our late lunch/dinner steaks marinated.


While we were baking our shoulders crispy in the sun over the course of a half hour, we spotted at least five, good sized water snakes in the marshy water. Apparently, it was snake watching day.

Observing the scaly creatures in their natural habitat, (from a distance) was a fascinating science lesson, but you won’t catch me sticking my little toe anywhere close swampy, black water. I truly miss the clear, rushing water and stepping stones that I grew up with in northern states.

The steak!


I got inspired to try a few new veggies on our last shopping trip. This was my first attempt at anything rhubarb, but my efforts were well spent on this healthy rhubarb crisp. (recipe) We literally ate almost the full pan in one afternoon.

FullSizeRender (2)

My husband pushed me to hit my new preggo walk goal Sunday evening; hopefully any excess rhubarb dessert calories were taken care of over the course of two miles. 🙂

We stayed up too late tuning in on an incredible live worship service and message by a fiery 80+ year old woman, but it was worth it.

I hope you all had a good weekend too. Happy Monday!


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