DIY: The Bench

My husband is a carpenter by trade, but this year he’s been stretching his creativity with smaller wood projects in our back yard shop. A lot of his projects were his idea, but apparently, nesting, pregnant wives can add extra projects to the the Husband DIY Department. 🙂

A lot of odds and ends were left behind in the shop when we bought our property. We threw a lot away as we cleaned and organized over time, but there were quite a few things that we hung on to. (You know, those unique pieces of “junk” I was certain had potential, but I wondered if I would really ever have that light-bulb moment, revealing how to use it.)

I hung on to a lone twin headboard for two whole years before it saw the light of day again. I pulled it out a few months ago when I saw a neat re-purpose idea on pinterest. I showed my husband, and within a few weeks, he made it happen. I’m not particularly crafty when it comes to wood, so I was happy to let him make it sturdy.

FullSizeRender (3)

He worked on it in the evenings, using scrap wood from his job or from his stash at home. When it was all sanded and ready to go, he gave it over to me for a paint job. I originally starting painting it white, but it just didn’t look right. Cheap, black, Dollar General spray paint to the rescue.

The finished product:


I am so glad I went with black. The finished bench now sets on our front porch, adding a nice contrast to the red brick and green plants. I was tired of the lone hammock for seating on the porch anyways, so it worked out nicely.


The best part: it was pretty much free!


What projects are you working on?

© Brenda Kanagy


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