Hello, Third Trimester

IMG_008423Back in my first trimester, I remember feeling like the days crawled by. My body was very busy (and miserable) at a cellular level, but the fun, belly bump stage of the second and third trimester seemed light years away. Since the 20 week halfway point, time has been flying. Now, here I am already beginning my third trimester! Where has the time gone?

The second trimester was the best stage so far. After my morning sickness broke and completely faded between 13-16 weeks, I began enjoying pregnancy. Sure, I had some back trouble and occasional down days, but for the most part, I felt great. It was all about soaking it up and living in the moment.

How is mom feeling? 

I definitely felt the switch into this end stretch adventure. (Get it? Stretch. Punny, huh?) It’s hard to imagine this watermelon belly getting bigger with how big it already feels. It takes much more effort to get comfortable and turn over in bed, much less get out of bed without pulling my back out.

The occasional insomnia and sore tummy is definitely my least favorite development right now. There’s a certain spot on my upper stomach that feels painfully bruised a lot, especially when I’m active.

I still have some trouble with my lower back and hips giving out and/or being incredibly sore, but I definitely can’t complain. I’m positive that I owe the energy and good health I have to staying hydrated, eating healthy, being active during the day as much as possible, brisk walks several times a week, and chiropractor adjustments.

I feel pretty emotionally stable over all, which I again largely attribute to my physical activity and health choices. My husband often tells me how proud he is with the way I’ve adjusted and handled to this pregnancy, but I have my moments. I cry easier than I used to, sometimes profusely over hard times and disappointments, but also over small things like feeling like a bother or getting hurt physically. I might be embarrassed later remembering how easily offended I was, (particularly because my husband is the most kind and caring man I know) but I guess the heightened sensitivity just goes with the mothering territory.

How is baby?

This baby loves to come out and play at bedtime, or maybe I just notice her activity more when I’m winding down and free of distraction. In some ways it seems like her movement is slowing down as she grows and runs out of room. Her movements are harder and stronger, but I can feel more rolling and turning instead of just the flighty, quick jabs of a wiry second trimester babe. Somebody must be getting fat in there! 🙂

My midwife is happy happy with my weight gain. Although the rise in scale numbers is a little shocking sometimes, I don’t let myself stay freaked out for too long. This short girl has never weighed so much in her life, but as long as baby and I are healthy and on track, I’m happy.


I’m looking forward to the last stage of baby prep. Pregnancy has turned me into a planner from the start. I made lists, set up a registry, did a complete makeover on the baby room, had a baby shower, and got the major/biggest necessities checked off my list (purchased, borrowed, or gifted) all by my third trimester. I didn’t know how I would feel throughout my pregnancy, so I utilized my ambition and energy in the second trimester. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. There’s still some random things that I need/want to be done before baby, but most of it is low key loose ends to tie up: perfect for the uncomfortable last months.

There’s no definite decision on a name yet. Husband and I both take name meanings pretty seriously, so it would probably help if God just spoke in an audible voice, “This is her name,” and why. 😉


Sometimes it’s easy to forget there’s a real baby with fingers and toes wiggling around inside of me. I can’t wait to meet her face to face. Grow well until then, little girl!

© Brenda Kanagy


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