Roll With The Punches And Thrive

It’s been a long day… or week or month maybe. Life has been a little crazy with traveling, unexpected expenses, long hours, planning for the future, and all that jazz. Basically, we’re trying to figure this life out, not just survive the hard knocks, but to come out stronger and with wisdom to make us thrive. 

I am generally a pretty content person.  I’ve trained my mind towards faith and the goodness of God, but extra hormones have a way of making anxiety and disappointment hit a little closer home than usual. It’s not just me; we are us now. There are more intense lows, but there are also joys and love deeper than before, lasting long after temporary “setbacks.” Being a life bearer is an extra wild adventure in surrender and joy. I don’t think I’ll wish to come back. 

My man took a day off work this week because his back gave out. With tight finances thanks to tax season, that was a little inconvenient, but there have been a lot of inconvenient walls we’ve come up against this year already. (Things like random broken teeth that need immediate attention or multiple wasted trips due to wrong orders, etc.) I think we are growing in maturity some. Instead of kicking and screaming “Why?” our posture was more, “Ok, God, what do you want us to do so you can redeem this?”

It was a good day together. What is that saying? Those who are flexible will never be bent out of shape. 🙂

The other night before our walk, my husband picked a wild rose for me. It smelled so sweet. I set it on the back of the car until we got back, and it wasn’t until we were showered and settled in the house for bed that I remembered. My little heart was crushed, and my eyes may have dramatically filled with tears.

“I left it out in the dark cold doorstep!”
I felt like I had completely disregarded my husband’s thoughtfulness. 
“But honey, you didn’t leave me out in the cold.”


Apparently what we feel doesn’t always line up with reality.  My fragile mind was building a case against me. How silly. 

“But. (sniff) can you go get my rose?”

“I will go get your rose.”

While I got ready for bed, my man went out in the dark to not only get the one rose, but pick a whole bunch of fresh ones. Then he brought them to me to smell and be loved over. 

The little jar of flower brilliance now sets on my coffee table as a love reminder.

My man’s back finally felt better today, thankfully. Tonight, I took dinner to him at work so he could finish what he was working on and have a fresh start Monday. It’s an early weekend for us. Put in the work before the play! 

A few months ago, we managed to win a semi free, two night vacation of our choice. A few other vacation plans fell through due to expense, so I was thrilled for the initiative to follow through for an official baby moon weekend. It’s happening this weekend. 

Orlando, we are coming for you! Well in the morning. I haven’t packed yet, but we worked and cleaned up until 9 am, so this level of exhaustion deserves a sleep. Goodnight, world.


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