Memorial Day Weekend Family Vacation

For some reason I’m always a little slow at photo recaps of my days. My husband and I took quite a few pleasure trips this spring- some with family and some just the two of us with pre-baby alone time in mind. We are done with major trips until this baby comes, but I am hoping to get all my recaps posted in the final countdown.

This post is iPhone shots of Memorial Day Weekend spent with my family in the Appalachian mountains of VA. It was so green and beautiful, and the weather was perfect.

We traveled a day early to meet up with my sister and her family for a little extended vacation time before the whole family met up with us on Saturday.

Getting there was a little eventful however.


We stopped to do some last minute grocery shopping for the weekend, followed by a three hour delay in Charlotte due to extreme traffic. It was during the traffic jam that my husband realized too late that he left his $4 kombucha drink back at the grocery store.

When I reached behind the seat to get snacks, my husband’s favorite coffee mug fell on the floor and shattered. It must have hit my seat track just right. We were hungry and finally made it to a Chipotle pit stop. Traffic was cleared up after we got back on the road, but then we got pulled over as my poor husband was still recovering from a choking fit. It was a total surprise. We still don’t know when on earth we managed to go so much faster than traffic, but it was bad enough to get us a court date on the spot. That was pretty depressing to say the least. I also nearly busted my husband eardrums saving us from side wiping someone in his blind spot. 🙂

My sister’s little boy threw up on their trip, and they almost lost their hotel reservation so all in all it was bad enough that we just had to laugh at the calamities and pray for the Lord’s protection. 🙂 Other than discovering a nail that was making our tire flat and having to repair and later replace it, the rest of the trip couldn’t have been better.




We got to our hotel late, but safely. I was so happy to see my nephews, and after using the teeny gym for my two mile walk/run, we had a late evening pizza party. IMG_3720



We headed to the water park in the morning, where the rest of my family met us later. I got a bit fried in the sun, but it was so fun, especially watching the kids enjoy the water. IMG_3761




In the afternoon we headed to the cabin. I thought we might be near death on the way up the steep lane, but I am still alive. IMG_3918




It was so beautiful.IMG_3915




There were private bedrooms, a loft, as well as bunk beds downstairs.  I loved our little corner with the epic hanging chair and big windows.



The guys made use of their corn hole set on the long wrap around porch overlooking the mountain, and a few of my family members saw the horses that are kept on the property on the (steep) ridge behind the cabin.





City and beach side vacations are fun, but there’s nothing like the quiet of the mountains away from busy- the birds, wildlife, and horses our only companions.



We all took turns with meals, and it worked out so well to make things run smoothly with more time to relax and have fun.

Hubby and I made drumsticks with wing sauce (not pictured) for our meal,  and I used up a big chunk of blue cheese my sister brought for a dipping sauce.


Fruit salad for dessert- this is not my original idea, but try it: bananas, strawberries, blueberries, coconut flakes, and chopped mint tea leaves. Yum!





She’s so impressed. Can you tell? 🙂


There was hiking the trails in the state park.IMG_3809


The waterfall at the end of the trail was a favorite.IMG_3846



My 8 month pregnant free therapy session. I could have stayed for hours.



Our last full day was spent biking the Virginia Creeper Trail. Now I can say I biked 17 miles while 8 months pregnant. We all loved it so much. The scenery was gorgeous, and I couldn’t get done soaking it all in.

FullSizeRender (2)


My sweet man rubbed my sore, tired feet after we were back at the cabin. Why is he so nice?


Lawyer advertisements greeted us back home as a reminder that vacation was over, and it was time to deal with the unpleasant results of an eventful trip. 🙂


© Brenda Kanagy


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