Week 8:agus_peteroutofwater

Everywhere you look, there is drama unfolding. Social media paints a hype picture of activity as the world zeros in on the latest development. The backlash from one incident only dies down in the wake of the next, and sometimes it makes me want to scream.

I understand that a godless people would be tossed to and fro by their imaginations, assumptions, feelings, and opinions about themselves, others, and life. What’s sad though is the fact that the majority of my facebook friends claim the name of Christianity- and yet if I wouldn’t pick and choose what I listen to and read, my newsfeeds would still be filled with clutter and noise. Isn’t something wrong with that picture?

Christ followers should be the most peaceful people on the entire planet. We serve the God who is peace, do we not? Why then is there this tossing to and fro of fear and unrest and anger and frustration?

I know these issues affect us. It is good and right that we have beliefs rooted in God’s Word, with the personal relationship to back it up. I understand that it is different than mainstream reality. What I don’t understand though is why we allow the world to be such a threat to our Christianity. Ask yourself, is Jesus threatened by evil or has He overcome the world?

If our security was in the Person of Jesus we abide in, instead of Christendom, the moral belief system, would we really have to work so hard to promote Him? If our reality was Jesus the person, wouldn’t we simply host the introduction?

Even I have thoughts and opinions and beliefs about the things that are happening, I also know that my primary goal in life has to be for connection and relationship over having the right answer- even if I have a solution. Without love, I may as well shut up for the rest of my life. Hashtag: #clangingcymbal 🙂

There are times I feel like deleting social media completely from my life, but then I remember that earthly things are sanctified to the measure of my agreement with who God is and what He is saying in that place.

I remember the friends and ones I choose to follow that have insightful, profitable things to say and declare. I remember those who have a steadfast hope, who have a clearer than crystal reality with a personal Father, and who care more about connection than being right on a public platform.

I remember that Kingdom lifestyle is not popular; it is not loud and abrasive. I remember that I want to live in response to what God is doing and not in reaction to what’s going on around me.

I remember that life is what I make it- that I will find what I search for. I remember that I become like what I behold, and God help me, I want to behold Him greater than anything else I could be consumed with in this world.

So today, I choose to be a quiet voice, even if my voice shakes. I choose once again, like I have to every day, to quiet myself on His chest and feel His heartbeat.

Today I hear about shalom: peace.

Peace should never be defined as perfect circumstances or the absence of trouble. Peace is a weapon of warfare that we often underestimate. One of my favorite pastors says, “You have authority over the storm you can sleep in.” We allow God to fight battles only He can overcome when we live in rest.

Let not your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me. John 14:1

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. John 14:27

Peace is a state of being; it is the state of abiding in Jesus. Until we do life out of abiding, we will only add to the noise.

There is only one answer to the trouble in the world; His name is Jesus. When we carry Him, we will be desirable because He is what the world desperately craves. Peace is a Person.


Father, please give me some kind of warning when I am about to leave the place of peace You have created for me to live in. I do not want to do that anymore. It is too hard to recover. Remind me of the truth when I am about to consider a lie. And help me to anchor my soul in Your presence, in Your peace. Thank You for giving me the actual atmosphere of heaven to dwell in now.


His peace is my portion. It is my possession forever. I choose to live aware of the Holy Spirit upon me, and will not forget that His thoughts about me are all good.

-taken from Experience the Impossible by Bill Johnson

May we know Him more.

© Brenda Kanagy

Note: I do not own the photo in this post.


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