Week Recap + Nesting

   I treasure these last few nesting days with my baby daddy husband. Our birth classes are finished now, and I am beyond thrilled to be relieved of weekly 2+ hour drives to 2 hour classes and alternating appointments. I joke to my husband that I don’t want to go to the city for four months- maybe six. Visits with my care provider will be in my home from now until birth, thank the good Lord. I am definitely feeling the wear of 40 weeks. At the same time I still feel really great- just so ready to settle down and stay home.

I wasn’t sure if my nesting instinct would ever be satisfied. I tried to hold my expectations loosely, but sometimes it amazes me how things fall in place, often differently than I imagined, but better in so many ways. Last week, my ambition hit an annoying pothole. I once again staggered the miles of push mowing throughout the week. Monday, was the first mowing day. Tuesday, things didn’t go as planned. Notes:

“Pain is physical; suffering is in the mind.” The things I learned in birth classes are also helpful in non-labor scenarios. Good practice. Things do not always go as planned. I wanted to finish push mowing my yard today, but my wrists are hurting too badly. (Seriously, pregnancy carpal tunnel syndrome is real.) I thought maybe I could work on some baking and freezer foods for postpartum. Well, that won’t be happening either because my kitchen pipes decided today would be a good day to be plugged far beyond easy reach. No using the sink until that is repaired. For a 39 week pregnant soul who wants to keep up with general housekeeping so things are nice when baby decides to come, that stack of dishes and messy kitchen is pretty annoying. Stressing and panicking does not help. So some things are out of our control. But I CAN control myself-specifically my mind. So I readjust and keep my peace. It’s ok to rest and sit with an ice pack on my wrist. And if I have extra trouble being overwhelmed at what I can’t do, I’ll find something I can do! It’s easier to ignore the kitchen if I focus attention on making another room clean and restful- maybe fixing the bed extra neatly or cleaning the bathrooms. Readjusting does not have to make me miserable.”

Wednesday, I mowed another 2+ miles in the morning before spending the rest of the day running errands with my husband. We dropped off the truck to get an expensive repair, then picked up some local peaches on the way back. Our local plumber officially found and fixed our drainage situation when we got home, but we were off again to the city for couch shopping, an appointment, and our last birth class.

Thursday, I was still full of ambition, so it was a busy day of taking care of our garden produce harvest, making granola, muffins for the freezer, as well as regular meals, amazingly. I worked on the last bit of push mowing Thursday evening. I probably overdid it a bit, plus inhaled too much dust and sand because Friday I woke up feeling like a truck ran over me. I spent a lot of my morning lying in bed smelling strongly of essential oils while holding an ice pack on my my head and neck trying to cure a migraine. It eventually lessened. Friday afternoon, we picked up the truck, and I managed to can 7 quarts of peaches and get a batch of homemade yogurt started while my husband took one last trip to the city to pick up the couch we bought. We spent the evening arranging and rearranging furniture until we were semi satisfied. Living in an old house with paneling is a great exersize in doing the best you can and being content with it. 🙂

Saturday: My husband demonstrated his excellent husbandry by making me breakfast and letting me sleep while he got the shopping done and picked up a chicken feed order before lunch time. I felt amazingly rested after an unusually good sleep, and it was so good to start out the weekend that way. We lazied around some, took the trash to the dump, and I washed and dried my cloth diaper stash.

In the afternoon, my husband made another DIY project dream come true for me. It was a simple Pinterest idea that I watched him execute with great ease and skill. It now hangs beautifully on my nursery wall, and it’s not the only handmade piece in the room. Maybe I’ll share a before/after transformation post when it feels completely done. 🙂 That man is my hero.

At the end of the day, I was delighted at the thought of having another full day of weekending left. Sunday was an even more restful day. It was so great to sleep in, mosey about food prep, etc. I finished up another gallon of milk’s worth of yogurt for the fridge before the weekend was up. My favorite way to eat it is as a pancake or waffle topping, along with syrup and berries. 

Today, it’s a laundry/stock up on snacks for the freezer day. Happy Monday!


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