Our Baby’s Name

Alexandra Honor.

It was a long time coming. At nine months pregnant, I was starting to feel a little desperate about naming our child.

Names are a big deal to both of us. I think names often can help create a blueprint for one’s character and the course of their days. (Mine did!) I could never just pick a random name I like; the meaning has to have forethought and significance.

We had quite a few names and meanings that were highlighted to us, but which name for this child?

Practically, will the name be shortened? Are we ok with Baby being called the short version even if we like the long version best?

Then there were middle names. I liked multiple combinations, but we couldn’t agree on one we loved the most.

My husband listened to my worries:

I can’t go into labor without a name for this baby. That would stress me out. I don’t want her to come out and we have to send our family a photo with weight and length but no name! 

“Do you think the Holy Spirit can’t be specific with the perfect name for her if we ask?”

Of course not! In one sense, I don’t think God really cares. He knows our desires, and it makes Him happy to watch us pick a name we like. I know that God’s destiny for our child is steadfast regardless of what name we choose. At the same time, since I know about destiny and the importance of calling it out, I want to choose a name that aligns with what He thinks and who he called her to be.

The struggle…

We agreed to just pray about it some more, and my dear man encouraged me to let the stress of it go. That night as I was routinely trying to overcome pregnancy insomnia, the one combination my husband liked most for this baby came to my mind, accompanied by a deep peace. 

Alexandra Honor. 

I went from anxiety and overthinking to I think we’ll probably name her that.

It was still early so I went into the nursery to mess around on projects and reading to see if I would get sleepy enough to go back to bed. I sat on the floor rooting through prenatal and baby coupons that I had gotten via mail and a purchase from motherhood maternity. I had looked through them multiple times, but this time in the night quiet I noticed something new. On the birth announcement coupon, the sample girl announcement name printed clearly was Alexandra Grace.

Blink. How did I not see that before? What a non-coincidence!

I went back to bed and slept. 

The next morning, I forgot to tell my husband what had happened the night before, but the idea was still pending in my mind and finding a peaceful place.

That same day my sister randomly sent me this message. “Kameron (my nephew) keeps saying that your baby’s name is Alexander.” -the boy version of the name we were almost settled on.

WHAT? How could he know this? We had told no one about our name options, Kameron least of all. My nephew is five, guys. His word of knowledge is pretty crazy sometimes. πŸ™‚

I called my husband to tell him what happened, and we were both pretty stoked for the next hours. And that was that! We had a name!

God really is specific, and He loves talking to us. I especially love when He talks through kids. My favorite pastor says, “There is no junior Holy Spirit.” Taking that a bit farther, sometimes I feel like kids are seniors in hearing because their perception and language is so unfiltered, raw, and straight to the point.

I hope that little Alexandra will come to know God simply and fully in this way from infancy. We love her so much.

Oh wait, did I mention that SHE’S HERE?! πŸ˜‰

Baby Alexandra Honor was born at home at 9:34 p.m. on Monday, July 20, one day early and one month after her Daddy’s birthday per his wish.

She was 6 lbs. 12 oz. and 19 & 1/2 inches long. 

She has little elf ears like her mom, and she turns her head to the sound of Daddy’s voice already.

One never knows what to expect until it’s reality, but she was beautiful the minute she was laid on my chest. I’ll never forget that moment of joy and relief. 

Becoming a mom has been the hardest marathon/adjustment of my life, but I know already that it is and will be the holiest of experiences.  

We pray for the ability to introduce this little gift to the Father through our lives, empowering her to be God’s little protector of mankind with the grace and honor of the queen she is designed to be.

Β© Brenda Kanagy


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