Two Weeks Old

And just like that, my baby is two weeks old. It’s this crazy balance between recovering well and simultaneously soaking up the newborn sweetness. She’s already changing so fast and putting on weight. Her little belly is full and fat most of the time, and her dark eyes have turned a deep blue. I suspect her black hair is thinning up top as her head grows, but we can deal with that. 😉 

The first week was rough, but at the same time, it was sacred and beautiful. If the intensity of labor and birth isn’t enough, new parents are immediately thrown into postpartum recovery and adjustments. There was physical soreness, hormones and tears and painful nursing and sleep deprivation and a few rounds of tummy trouble, but all at once I look back and realize that I got through it!  She was so beautiful and our hearts were so full, but at the same time it was a little lonely and overwhelming wondering if we would ever adapt. It felt like a funeral of our current relationship as life revolved around the responsibility of keeping a little human alive and figuring out her needs. Of course, now that we are a little more rested and adjusted to a new normal, it isn’t anywhere near that morbid. 😀 She completes our family, and I can’t imagine being without her.

Mom and Dad are figuring this thing out. We know that baby doesn’t like having her arms tucked in a swaddle, and she likes to be very warm to sleep. We get happy when we hear big burps and farts because it means her little system is working well and baby will be happier for it. She is such a mild tempered baby so far. When her tummy aches went away after I cut dairy from my diet, things got easier. (I did mourn my Greek yogurt and cold glasses of whole milk though.) She only cries when she’s hungry or frustrated at bath time or changing time, but mostly she is so easily comforted. 

I am so thankful my mom was able to be here and help out the first two weeks. We couldn’t have done it without her. She kept the house and laundry clean, food cooked, dishes washed, and even went so far as outdoor work like flowerbeds, washing windows, cleaning our vehicles, etc. She brought me drinks and snacks, watched baby so I could sleep late/recover from a sleepless night and several times actually took care of baby during the night (bringing her to me when she was hungry) to give us a break in those days when we couldn’t relax/sleep through baby noises yet. 🙂 My little brother got the mail, fed and watered the chickens, mowed our lawn, helped my husband at work and more. Definitely get help postpartum. It is a lifesaver until one gets their strength/groove back. 

We survived a solo family chiropractic trip at one week old, a two week checkup, and now it’s just the three of us in our little home. I’m amazed that my sleep loving soul has adjusted to interrupted sleep at night, but instincts do weird things to stubborn humans. 

I never thought I could be awake changing a poopy diaper at 2 a.m. talking quietly to bright eyes, kissing a soft, black haired head, feeding burping, and rocking/bouncing a tiny bundle back into a deep sleep multiple times a night. What is happening to me? I guess I’m a mom!

Happy Saturday! I was going to sleep in, but I was ravenous instead, baby was awake, and it just didn’t work out. But hey, I still got to snuggle late with my husband once she was asleep again. I might just stay here forever. Until she wakes up. 😉




    © Brenda Kanagy


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