Monday Nap Recap

 I had to share a few iPhone snaps from our weekend/the past week. Looking over the ones I chose, I was amused to realize that each photo involved some form of napping. Apparently, parenthood is exhausting. šŸ™‚

1: Sunday afternoon nap. Of course, baby refused to sleep except in the crook of my (numb/tingling)) arm. Also, my nose was smashed for lack of room between the two of us- in the event of holding very still to avoid waking her. Not pictured is the crick in my neck from lack of pillow. But it was a nap, folks! That is definitely what counts!

2: Miss Chubs on the way home from a very successful shopping/eating out trip. She slept the entire time. (Sigh of relief.) There is a first for everything. Maybe I will continue getting braver after that victory. Meltdowns in the car/ away from home are no fun.

3: We are getting this tummy time thing down. I discovered sometimes it helps her sleep more soundly during the day. Win.

4: Lastly, another nap taking place on our trashed bed. I joke that maybe when she’s five, I will fix the bed more, and when I do, it will last longer than two seconds. Tiny humans have a way of making a big splash.

Happy Monday!


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