Weekend & Baby’s First Trip


   We took a short notice trip north and surprised my mom last week. My sister caught her reaction on video for me. It was pretty epic.

Grandma loved taking care of Baby while we were there, and I can’t say I minded the many extra pairs of hands between her and my sisters. Having a babysitter never felt so good, but I was always ready to snuggle my little baby again.

My family was pretty excited that they wouldn’t have to wait until Christmas or later to see Alexandra again. Hopefully they wanted to see her parents too. 😉 It makes me feel so loved that my family loves my baby so much. Don’t ask me why, but it’s the best thing.


1. Homemade granola for the road.

2. Trying to make the no makeup/scraggly hair/ mom look cooler. Actually, the light hurt my eyes, so I was just wearing shades.

3. Baby beasted her first road trip.I was pretty nervous about it, but we left at 6:30 am. and she slept most of the way. We only stopped three times, and only two of those times were specifically to feed and change her. (power to the pump. ;)) She cried the last 40 minutes or so, but who could blame her? 10 hours is a long time.

We got smarter on the way home and left a little before midnight. Driving through the night was pretty miserable, but it was worth it to avoid messing up Baby’s day/night sleep. I drove most of the way and my two babes slept soundly. We made two stops and got home a little before 9:30. Under 10 hours! We never made such good time even without a baby. Since Dad slept most of the night, Mom got to sleep in a real bed when we got home. 🙂

4. Our only photo together that trip. I truly hate how massive I look, (partly the angle) but it was a special moment together. I’m trying to keep my postpartum mind under control these days. Kinda hard to do when none of my old clothes fit. My body refuses to bounce back. I didn’t know it was possible to gain so much, yet lose so little postpartum.

5. Chilling in town. There are a lot of neat shops that I never bothered to explore when I lived there.

6. Relaxing in the shade at my sister’s yard sale with uncles, aunts, and friends around her.

7. My little brother is actually much taller than me.

8. Waiting on food. Alexandra has a very attentive, protective dad, and we love it.

9-12. Baby meeting lots of new friends!

13. Matching with grandma! I don’t know who loves the other more. 😉 My mom is so good with her. Besides her dad, there’s few I trust more with her. She just has a touch and knows what she’s doing. Maybe it’s because mom raised me; therefore I feel comfortable with her taking care of my daughter. Mama hormones are a powerful thing. I’m so thankful for a mom who respects that, but still has a lot to offer without ever being a threat to her grand baby’s parents.

14. Cousins getting to know each other. Karissa was probably thinking, “Who’s this new human?”

15. I got to see all the work my oldest sister put into fixing up their house. I love this decor in the boys’ room, especially because I took the photo and gifted the wooden train, of course.

16. “But Dad, it’s bright outside!”

17-18. While we were back in my home town, we ate at a lovely, authentic log cabin restaurant that serves organic foods from local sources. I’m not sure how I lived close by for years without experiencing and appreciating this awesomeness. It’s a little pricey, considering the small serving sizes, but I think we could stand to pay more for quality. Supply and demand. I want healthy options!

I started with a watermelon salad with arugula, yellow tomatoes, feta and a balsamic vinaigrette. My husband and I then split a large (it seemed small to me) pizza, straight from the kitchen fire. It had local cheese and veggies on it, and it was delicious.

19. Baby was happy to be semi-naked and free back in her own home, on her own bouncy ball, contentedly watching her own ceiling fan go around.

20. Naps are very important after a long trip.

Happy Wednesday, folks!


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