Nursery: Before & After

I don’t know about you, but I love a good before and after post. If I battle discontentment, it’s often because I’ve lost sight of how far I’ve come. That’s true of the deep things in life, but it can also be true of a house makeover. Prep and paint can do wonders to give a space a much needed face lift. (You can see the bathroom makeover here.)


january&february iphone 373



I believe it was a porch add on to the original house, and for a long time I used it as a “catch-all” room. Eventually, I cleaned it up, and we called it the worship room because…well because that’s what happened in there.

After I got pregnant, we went to work transforming it into a nursery.

Brown and tan paneling on three walls, orange carpet, and shelving along the walls.

january&february iphone 373

january&february iphone 374

january&february iphone 375

Like I said, “catch-all room.”

january&february iphone 376

We tore out the shelving and the moldly carpet first. We then went to a lot of bother to fill in and sand smooth the paneling cracks as much as possible. Prep is always the least fun job, but it can make all the difference in the end. I’m glad we stuck it out.

january&february iphone 486

january&february iphone 487

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After the painting was done, I got the floor ready for new carpet, and one our local friends installed it for us. The nursery floor is officially the best place to hang out. We were pretty hard-core penny pincher/DIYers for most of the room, but we splurged on thick carpet. Soft carpet for the win! I do not regret it.

Here are all the after photos:


The rocking chair was from my husband’s grandpa’s sale. I just painted it white. The hanging light was left at the house when we moved here. Free charm. 🙂


The roses in the tin are handmade from reeds. I bought them from a few young vendor boys in Charleston last year.


The suitcase was thrifted, and the stand… MY HUSBAND MADE IT, AND I LOVE IT. Another Pinterest inspiration. I originally wanted it painted white like the rest of the furniture, but we both ended up liking the raw wood look. He just put a clear sealer on it instead. I love the unique charm it adds to the rest of the more modern pieces.


I got the changing table for free or very little from my older sister. It was black, but a little spray paint turned it white. The baskets are from Target. (One was gifted.)IMG_0076

Some of the walls still seem incomplete and bare, but I’m ok with it for now. I’d rather have a few pieces I like than add clutter in the meantime.


The crib was a gift from my in-laws. My husband made the arrows above the crib. I found the idea, on pinterest, and he had it done in no time. I love them! I knew from the beginning that arrows would be a theme in the nursery, as well as in my daughter’s life.




My husband also made this storage cubical. The totes are from Dollar General. The sail boat is my husbands from Haiti. I drew the verse/arrow piece myself instead of buying a printable online. Seriously, I don’t want to pay for everything! :p


The arrow swaddle blanket is from Pick Your Plum.

The room is probably our favorite in the whole house. After Alexandra was born and my Mom was here helping us through adjustments, we migrated to that room countless times, often late in the evenings when Baby wasn’t feeling the best.

That room has already collected so many memories. We had our first photoshoot with our daughter there.

I feel like my photos don’t do the transformation justice like Heidi’s photos do, (Heidi Stutzman Photography) so I’m ending with a few from our session. Leave it to the professionals!





20150801_HJS_216655 20150801_HJS_216661








-Brenda Kanagy


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