My Simple, Repetitious, Extravagant Life

A lot can happen in a short amount of time, and how I hate the way moments and memories slip by undocumented. Time seems to go by so fast when there are so many changes and so much activity.

Sometimes life feels super crazy and a bit overwhelming, but when I calm my mind, I realize I’m living the best days of my life. Technically, every season will be the best of my life because God is in it, but I know there is something sacred and beautiful about this particular slot of time in the grand scheme of years I’m given.

Sometimes I feel silly and annoying for posting the repetitious simplicity of my life so frequently on social media, but I get over that pretty quickly. Sharing moments with the world helps me remember that the repetitious simplicity of my life is really the best of my life. There are expensive, grand moments splattered throughout, sure, but the everyday, extravagant love of family and friends: that is priceless.

I frequently hear my husband self talk with words like, “I will. not. be overwhelmed.”

We could all use the reminder to  S  L  O  W    D  O  W  N…

Here are glimpses of my simple days- courtesy of my iPhone photo library:

Aren’t clean, snuggly babies the best? I love how she props her arm on her cheek when she’s tired and being bounced (not rocked) to sleep. My last appointment with my midwife was so bittersweet. Apparently, I got pretty attached, and saying goodbye felt rather morbid. Alexandra gave her smiles and snuggles, and I had to get a picture. I couldn’t have asked for a better care provider, and my daughter couldn’t share a name with a better human.  Bath time is calming and happy. My husband’s parents getting some time with Alexandra. They actually caught her at a good time for smiles that morning. She isn’t usually up for having her routine disrupted when she’s fussy in the evenings. She wants mom or dad, a bath, snuggles, and her ceiling fan to stare at while she’s being lulled to sleep on her bouncy ball.
 Maybe someday I will give up my spelt pancake obsession, but not yet. They freeze perfectly for a quick breakfast on the fly. Weekends are for brunching, napping, and postponed laundry piles.  Avocado toast with poached eggs and bacon bits are a craving’s heaven!  Work bee! (Who ever came up with that term, anyways?) My husband spent part of a Saturday afternoon helping to roof an outbuilding in preparation for his cousin’s October wedding. It’s gonna be fun! October is our wedding/outdoor reception anniversary as well.Summer evenings (and mornings and afternoons) are full of gnats and mosquitos, but they are not pictured in this glorious sunset.   A family (uncles, aunts, cousins) gathering/pork pulling/wedding shower.My husband rarely drinks alcohol, besides an occasional glass of wine, but after one particularly intense day, I was amused to find this on the counter. That + a movie night to the rescue.   Baby wearing on an early Saturday morning flee market run. And yes, I found a hundred+ year old antique for twelve dollars.  She is getting so long and gaining chubs in the process. Freedom! The little details that warm my heart every single day.

  Daddy time is needed as well as wanted.   We actually took a walk the evening the humidity broke for the first time in a long time. Unfortunately, my postpartum walks are slacking. Mom life is full and time consuming, but my body thanks me when I make time for exercise and self care. (Note to self.)  I’m joking when I say this sausage and egg recipe is coming out in my cookbook, but it really was delicious. Browned on both sides and thrown on a piece of toast: perfect!   Lunch: Cheesy rice with bacon bits, leftover broccoli and a salsa style pork chop. Yes, those are leftover paleo chocolate waffles from a late breakfast in the background. My husband made them! 😉

 My husband and our neighbor painted our backyard shop and carport ceiling this weekend. Paint is an incredible facelift! I’ll have to scrounge up some good before and after shots.

That’s all for now. Happy Weekending!

© Brenda Kanagy


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