3 Months Old

 Alexandra Honor is 3 months (and two weeks) old already! I don’t even know how much she weighs, but she’s heavy enough to give me carpal tunnel. 😄 

She also thinks she’s big enough to teethe already. (There may have been little welts on her wrists from utilizing them as chew toys.)  It’s precious watching Alex discover her own voice. I thought her coos were already so fun, but when she giggled for the first time, my heart felt like it could explode. It was just the best sound. To add to the fun, her first giggling session happened after her first poop in the bathtub.  Baby is a serious fan of bath time and diaper changes. I truly enjoy both of those routine tasks simply because it makes her happy, and it’s such a fun time to look in her eyes and talk to and connect with her. There are lots of smiles and “I love you’s” that go on over blowouts. (I’m a lot less freaked out of poop than I thought I might be- breastfed baby poop, that is. Love has a positive affect on humans I think. )   It’s fun discovering the little quirks that make Alexandra unique. We’re working through occasional nursing strikes. Usually, a little bouncing calms her down enough to eat. Tonight, she also had to hold my finger to stay calm. Why are babies so precious? When I picked up my phone to pass time, she started crying. I want all your attention, Mama.  It’s like babies are talking without words and letting us get glimpses into their souls.. We can hear and see so much more when we open our eyes and listen. 

Whenever I’m tempted to get upset over the struggle, (in general) those precious moments ground me and make me remember what’s important. Just breathe.  Our little princess has a sensitivity to her environment that is already developing positively. She cried over a sad slow tune when only a few weeks old. To this day, she is very moved by music. She heard a lot of worship music in the womb, but she also hears a lot of diversity to develop her musical pallette. 🙂   Of course, she does all the normal baby things like crying to bring her needs to attention, but she honestly has the sweetest spirit. She makes me laugh and smile every day, and I love just being in her little (but so big) metron.    Honor baby needs her daddy time every day. Mana meets most of her physical needs, but there is a safety and stability that comes from being in daddy’s arms. She literally has this specific look on her face when he has her. I can’t fathom a child never experiencing a father’s love after seeing it so close up daily. I get a whole new perspective on Gods love and jealousy over my heart.      We love you, Alexandra Honor. 💛


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