He Will Direct My Paths

IMG_6603Life has been a whole lot of crazy lately. A whole lot of fun and good, but some stressful and overwhelming as well. We make that choice I guess.

My husband’s back giving out kept him from work almost a full week in October. Halfway into the next week of work, he got sicker than I’ve ever seen him with a high fever and chills. My baby girl also had a projectile vomit session that night.

We had a big two week trip north planned, (money required!) so those events were definitely not according to our plans. My husband did recover enough in time for our trip, which was for the purpose of finalizing some life changing decisions, but also for time with my family.IMG_6626In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths. I am so thankful that promise is true and proven to me over and over again.

Even when I don’t know what I’m doing… Even when I think I know what I’m doing…I don’t. And if I do, it’s because He is directing my paths. It really takes the pressure off. How hard can acknowledging God be? (Pretty hard apparently.)IMG_6622IMG_6623IMG_6604


1. to recognize the rights, authority, or status of
2. to disclose knowledge of or agreement with

3. a: to express gratitude or obligation for

    b :  to take notice of

    c :  to make known the receipt of

4. to recognize as genuine or valid 
In this context, I like to think of acknowledge as “commit.” Commit your way to the Lord, and start walking! If it’s right, it’s right. It’s it’s wrong, He’ll let you know.
We don’t know what God is protecting us from, much less the extravagant plans He is orchestrating instead.

When it seems like everything that could go wrong goes wrong (which felt like a LOT lately) it usually turns out to be so right down the road. It doesn’t matter how irrational it seems or how little people understand or support you, God has a plan and a purpose better than the one we can think up for ourselves. He’s got us!




A lot of times problems are not God’s way of convincing us that we are walking the wrong path, but obstacles turned opportunities to overcome and build faith, which says, “I’m following and I trust what You said! I’ll keep going until You tell me otherwise.”

IMG_66282Thank goodness the outcome relies more on His faithfulness and not on my performance. (Boy, would that be a train wreck destination!)

My responsibility is in the process, in the receiving, in the stewarding, in the giving away…

Even when my stupidity or ignorance is the cause of the problems, God still lets the outcome be greater than I imagined.IMG_6621

No, it didn’t all pan out yet. Life stuff is a process. But I’ve known His faithfulness, and I know He doesn’t change.


© Brenda Kanagy



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