4 Months with Alexandra Honor

IMG_66802Guess who turned four months old on Monday!

Alex rolled over to her tummy for the first time on November fourth. I stepped out of the room after I laid her on the bed, and when I came back in, she was flipped on her tummy! We both missed it, and she hasn’t done it since. Sneaky little baby.IMG_66882IMG_66942We have some early teething going on over here. She constantly drools and likes to suck on her hands and wrists. She goes crazy chewing on her dad’s fingers, and she makes hilarious, happy noises in response. So far the crankiness is manageable.IMG_67072IMG_67442Sometimes, she is super noisy when she is lying somewhere by herself or watching me. Not crying; just squawking and gurgling and noisy whining. It can get a little irritating if I’m trying to concentrate or make dinner, but she turns all smiles when I give her extra snuggles and attention. IMG_66772Even when she’s whiny, she’s precious.

Baby discovered her bottom lip is pretty fun to suck on too. It’s makes pretty cute facial expressions.IMG_67522IMG_67482IMG_67632The biggest developmental change from last month to now is motor skills. I officially have a baby who plays with toys! 

I didn’t really have many infant friendly toys to begin with, but my sisters gave me some a few weeks ago. I’m glad they did because since then, she has learned to bat, grab, and even take them to her mouth.IMG_67722IMG_66582IMG_66632I think we must be hitting a growth spurt because this little munchin has been waking up to eat and get diaper changes and just be awake much more often than the once a night routine she got me used to.

One night, she woke me 7-8 times, keeping me awake or dozing off miserably for 30 minutes to an hour or more. I can’t say I feel like a million bucks those mornings, but in this season of life, I’ll take any hours of sleep I can get! Pass the coffee please!IMG_68092IMG_68142I’ve been wishing to get her on an earlier bedtime schedule so her dad and I can have some time alone in the evenings, but Baby’s inner clock just didn’t click when I tried to adjust it. We all ended up having miserable nights. 

Alex sleeps much deeper and longer when she shares our bedtime, and that helps us all feel more sane during the day. Some say that extra hour is good for relationships, but I’ll tell you what puts an even bigger strain on ours, and that is sleep deprivation. 🙂 IMG_67822My baby loves to watch the ceiling fans in our house. I just got her up from a nap, and her whimpering stopped and a huge smile covered her face as soon as she saw the fan going in circles.IMG_67182IMG_68272We’re still in awe over her precious giggles when we can coax them out. There is no better sound. 

She tends to get pretty serious when there’s a lot of stimulating noise.(She’s even been known for wailing meltdowns if her cousins get too loud for too long.) 

The other day we had her with us in my husband’s truck, and she was so serious the entire thirty minute drive. She didn’t know what to think!

She talks and is noisy and generally herself in a quieter, normal routine environment. IMG_69122IMG_69182I thought I wanted a boy, but I can’t imagine my life without this beauty. She constantly brings me back to what’s most important. Her little heart reminds me of who I want to be.IMG_67322

Happy 4 months, Alexandra Honor!

-Photo credits to Di Hostetler

©Brenda Kanagy


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